Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 8 Episode 1

Show No. 8001

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 2005 on The CW

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  • We haven't had a season premeire this good since season 4!

    Though the footage is seven years old, it's still a gem. Denny Siegel was used to good measure.

    Fashion Models began the show. It's the first time the game was played without Greg Proops as an announcer. It had a few moments, but I consider this to be the worst game of the episode.

    Let's Make a Date was next. It also had its moments... namely with Colin as an inept lap dancer. I was impressed on how Denny was able to guess Ryan's quirk though. He was in traction after an accident.

    Narrate was below average, but still pretty good.

    Then there was a commercial break, and came back with four games before another. That's extremely rare for the American version of Whose Line!

    Film Dub featured Denny's debut in the game. She didnt do too well, and the game didnt really go anywhere.

    FIlm and Theatre Styles was next. It had some great moments, and was also the second time Ryan and Wayne performed together as a duo in the game.

    Hey You Down There was the gem of the show. Denny was the narrator, and Colin and Ryan were on a roadtrip. t's hard to explain why, but Denny makes a very cute narrator and really seems to enjoy herself in it.

    Props was next. Ryan and Denny had a very ugly thing. The only thing memorable from the game was Ryan's usual Prince Charles impression.

    After a commercial, we got a Hoedown for the cast. Colin's verse originally aired in 1998, but the other three verses were well done. Wayne sang about how his date, Veronica, was really a man. Denny sang that the man she went out with wasn't much, but the seeing-eye dog was great. Ryan sang about how he was dating a blow-up doll.

    A decent episode. I give it an 8/10.
  • This Episode was a good way to start of the eigth season, Everyone has been waiting for a Denny Seigel Episode and they\'ve got it, We Got a new Hoedown and that is good for the Hoedownsite, Colin's first Blind Date Hoedown verse was reused though.

    This Episode was a great episode. Denny's performance last night made it a great episode, the reused Colin's Hoedown verse from the First Blind Date Hoedown and that was a Drew Game but from Denny's Hoedown playing that's where Colin's verse Originated from so there's no suprise there for me.