Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 8 Episode 3

Show No. 8003

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Show No. 8003
Seating Order: Brad, Patrick, Colin and Ryan.
Questions Only: The scene is chaos in Manhattan as Godzilla approaches.
Sound Effects: Colin is a beach bum who loves water sports trying to impress girls at the beach; Ryan provides the sfx.
Song : Brad sings to Wilma, a schedule coordinator at a medical school in Indianapolis, as Oasis.
Props: Brad and Patrick vs. Ryan and Colin.
Sportscasters: Brad (Peter Bundtcake) and Patrick (Chelsea Swirl) commentate on competing gardeners Ryan (Franco) and Colin (Fargi).
Daytime Talk Show: Participating in Eggs, Eggs, Eggs about Humpty Dumpty are:
Host: Brad (Carl Omelet)
Guest #1: Ryan (Thomas Guide, Humpty's lawyer)
Guest #2: Patrick (Clifford Forehead, one of the king's men and also first on the scene)
Audience Member: Colin (called 'the doofus' by Drew)
Hoedown: About weddings.
Stand, Sit, Bend: Ryan and Drew are two members of a wedding party trying to reassure Colin, the nervous groom, that everything will be all right.
Winner: Colin and Ryan
Credit Reading: None.moreless

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  • This definitely made up for last week's episode!

    I've never heard of Patrick Bristow in all of my life until I heard of this episode, and boy, oh, boy, can that man improvise!! His hoedown was not bad either. All of their hoedown verses were great. This was definitely worth waiting for! I can tell you that, boy!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is the first episode since episode 20 (Show #109) that Wayne has not appeared in!

    • There appeared to be a problem with Ryan's mic during Stand, Sit, Bend. The volume level of his dialogue keeps going from normal to partially muted at different points during the game, even when he's standing upright.

    • Colin accidentally sits on both Ryan's and Drew's hands when they are leaning on the stools at different points in Stand, Sit, Bend.

    • A series of related events happens over the course of games in this episode. First, Drew accidentally awards Colin 1000 dollars instead of points at the end of Sound Effects. He quickly catches his error, though. When the show returns from commercial for the start of Act 2, Drew is placing a fictious bet of $1,000 on "Colin Mochrie to win" over his prop phone. Sure enough, Colin does win in this show, although he does share the victory with Ryan.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Drew: (after Props) Ryan, I don't know what you were doing, but it kinda got to me. 1000 points for Ryan.

    • Drew: (talking on the phone) Right. Yeah, I want to put $1000 on Colin to win.

    • (in DTS)
      Brad: Now you don't think that your egg is partially to blame by climbing up there anyway?
      Ryan: What do eggs know? This is no yolk!

      Brad: Isn't it true that some of the king's horses instead of helping, were just sort of eating some of the egg?
      Patrick: They were licking up some of the white, which is not really necessary.
      Ryan: You do not want to see someone licking someone else's whites.

      Brad: (going up to the audience) You, sir, there, the doofus-y looking fellow. You, in the ill-fitting shirt, with the, uh, wrinkles, and the, the funny face. (Colin looks behind him)
      Colin: Are you single?
      Brad: Ah, yes, I am, sir.
      Colin: No kiddin'! (audience laughter)
      Brad: Well, I guess I'm the only one here with egg on my face.

      Drew: (after the game) Oh, man, I don't know why, but I'm feelin' really dirty. So, 100 points apiece.

    • (in Questions Only)
      Brad: Did you see what he did to my Ferrari?
      Patrick: Was it a lizard?
      Brad: Was it a dinosaur?
      Patrick: Was that really a Ferrari?

    • Patrick: (his Hoedown)
      I am getting married, I'll get drunk and go on a bender
      All I really want is a really nice blender
      When we get married, on our honeymoon, we'll have one room
      He and I are both the groom!

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