Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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  • Season 10 Episode 1: Kat Graham

  • There were only two Twitter hashtags on the show: '#WLIIAIsBack' at the beginning, and '#WLIIA' during Living Scenery.

  • As in the previous incarnation of the show, Wayne sat in the first seat and Greg sat in the second. Wayne had sat in the first seat when Greg or Brad Sherwood appeared and in the second seat when another performer appeared.

  • Season 9 Episode 12: Shawn Johnson

  • The Twitter hash tags were '#WLIIA' at the beginning of the show, '#PotterSpells' for the last bit in SFAH, '#PetiteProps' in Living Scenery and '#WayneSings' in Greatest Hits.

  • Season 9 Episode 11: Legends Football League

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#Dark Vader' in Hollywood Director, '#WhatsInTheBag" and '#PrettyProps' in Living Scenery.

  • Season 9 Episode 10: Maggie Q

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#KissOff' in Dubbing, '#NewsFlash' and '#MushyPeas' in Helping Hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 9: Laila Ali

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#WLIIA', '#Props', '#WayneAndJeffDuets' in Greatest Hits and '#TrainerRyan' in Helping Hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Keegan-Michael Key

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#NiceWigs' in Questions With Wigs and '#TacoBall' in Helping Hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 7: Lisa Leslie

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#SingLikeWayne' in Song Styles and '#DentalFears' in Newsflash.

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Wilson Bethel

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#WLIIA', '#TakeItOffWilson' in Duet and '#RubberDucky' in 3HBS.

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Synchronized Swimmers

  • The Twitter hashtags were '#WLIIA,'''#NakedWayne' in Hollywood Director, '#SwimGirls' in Duet, and '#ForwardRewind.'

  • Season 9 Episode 4: Kyle Richards

  • Other than '#WLiiA,' the only Twitter hashtag was '#SassyRyan' in Helping Hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Candice Accola

  • The Twitter hashtags that appeared were '#WLIIA', '#AlienDrama" in Hollywood Director, #GoCandice' in Song Styles, '#CreepyDates' in Dating Profiles and '#LivingScenery.'

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Kevin McHale

  • The main Twitter hashtag that appeared was '#NiceCatchKevin' after Kevin caught the popcorn from Ryan in Helping Hands.

  • Season 9 Episode 1: Lauren Cohen

  • Several Twitter hashtags appeared on screen. The main one was '#WhoseLineIsBack.' When Colin kissed Ryan in SFAH, '#Bromance' appeared. There was also #ScenesFromAHat.'

  • Season 8 Episode 21: Show No. 8021

  • This is a list of all the games played and how many times (in order of appearance):

    Let's Make A Date-60
    Sound Effects-47
    Greatest Hits-73
    Party Quirks-50
    Foreign Film Dub-21
    Film, TV and Theatre Styles-33
    Weird Newscasters-60
    Moving People-11
    Scene To Rap-21
    90 Second Alphabet-12
    Song Styles-50
    Daytime Talk Show-9
    Film Dub-19
    Stand, Sit, Bend-6
    Helping Hands-25
    Questions Only-27
    Dead Bodies-5
    Scenes From a Hat-80
    Hey You Down There!-4
    Multiple Personalities-6
    Fashion Models-7
    World's Worst-20
    3-Headed Broadway Star-29
    Stand, Sit, Lie-2
    African Chant-5
    Change Emotions-1
    Whose Line?-17
    The Balled Of...-1
    If You Know What I Mean-10
    Song Titles-9
    Gangsta Rap-1
    Questionable Impressions-7
    Motown Group-12
    The Millionaire Show-7
    Change of Cast-1
    Themed Restaurant-9
    Scene With An Audience Member-4
    Title Sequence-10
    Number of Words-9
    Improbable Mission-8
    Quick Change-4
    Old Job, New Job-2
    What Are You Trying To Say?-1
    Irish Drinking Song-22
    Hollywood Director-27
    Survival Show-1
    Scenes Cut From A Movie-3
    Good Cop/Bad Cop-1
    Awards Show-5
    Two Line Vocabulary-15
    Doo Wop-8
    Action Replay-6
    Showstopping Numbers-7
    Remote Control-2
    Living Scenery-13
    Press Conference-7
    Meet The Family-1
    Changed Letter-4
    Make A Monster-2
    Scene To Music-3
    Questions With Wigs-2
    Backwards Scene-2
    Boogie Woogie Sisters-2
    All In One Voice-2
    Really Bad Hangover-1
    Ice Skaters-1
    Game Show-2
    Shopping From Home-1

    *One of the 3-Headed Broadway's was not in an original airing but as a subsequent airing for a "Too Hot" episode
    *Not including the "Best Of" episode

  • This is a list of all the winners and number of times (in oder of winning):

    Wayne Brady-75
    Ryan Stiles-44
    Greg Proops-21
    Colin Mocharie-57
    Denny Siegel-7
    Stephen Colbert-1
    Chip Esten-14
    Josie Lawrence-1
    Kathy Greenwood-22
    Brad Sherwood-15
    Karen Mayama-2
    Jeff Davis-5
    Florence Henderson-1
    Jerry Springer-1
    David Hasselhoff-1
    Patrick Bristow-1

    *12 times there was no winner announced
    *29 times there were two winners
    *9 times there were three winners
    *5 times there were four winners
    *One of Colin's wins is from the "Too Hot" subsequent showings
    *One of the 2 winners is from the "Too Hot" Subsequent showings

  • This is the list of everyone who appeared on the show and how many times (in order of appearance):

    Greg Proops-57
    Wayne Brady-211
    Brad Sherwood-56
    Karen Maurayama-3
    Kathy Kinney-1
    Denny Siegel-14
    Ian Gomez-2
    Stephen Colbert-2
    Chip Esten-38
    Josie Lawrence-2
    Kathy Greenwood-34
    Jeff Davis-9
    Robin Williams-1
    Whoopi Goldberg-2
    Kathy Griffin-4
    Patrick Bristow-2

    *The following were celebrities or "special guests" that did not have a chair or part of the audience but were involved in games (and how many games they participated in):

    Lassie (the dog)-1
    Sid Ceasar-1
    Hugh Hefner-1
    Victoria Fuller (Playboy Bunny)-2
    Ava Fabian (Playboy Bunny)-2
    Katie Harmon-2
    Florence Henderson-3
    Joanie Laurer-2
    Jerry Springer -4 (2 different episodes)
    Richard Simmons-3
    David Hasselhoff-3
    Jayne Trcka-1
    Neena & Veena-2
    Loyola Maymount Cheerleaders-2 (one of them only featured 3 (Jennifer, Pamela and Rayanne))
    Santa Clause and Donner-1

    *Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie appeared in all the episodes *Does not include the "Best of" episode

  • Season 8 Episode 20: Show No. 8020

  • Home Shopping, a game played several times on the UK version, was called Shopping From Home by Drew.

  • The Hoedown they showed from Ryan was originally an outtake which was used in the blooper reel on the Season One Part Two DVD set. It also included a further bit where they set up to do another Hoedown and Drew said he would enjoy seeing Ryan slit his wrists.

  • This is the final time Hoedown is ever shown. It is arguable the most memorable and popular game. It is also the last play of SFAH, the most played game of the series and also one of the most memorable games. These are probably the two games that had the most laughs over the years and were "fan favourites."

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