Why Can't I Be You

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Why Can't I Be You

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Why Can't I Be You is the MTV reality show where people get to step into the lives of people they want to be like. Most of us have seen somebody and silently wished that we could have their lives. Whether it's admiring their confidence, their job, style, personality, popularity or other traits, we see something in them that we wish we could experience. Now MTV and host Nick Zano are granting that wish, bringing these people and the person they admire together. From a nerdy waiter who wants to be like the popular jock, to popular cheerleader who admires a goth chick's style, a pizza delivery guy who wants to walk the runway like a male model, a tomboy wanting to be a girly girl and more, we watch as these people get their wish. They spend 48 hours with the person they admire, seeing what their life is really like, learning from them and getting a dramatic makeover. You won't believe the transformations as these people emerge from behind the curtain. Will these people enjoy their new life or learn that it isn't for them? Find out as MTV grants their wish on Why Can't I Be You.moreless

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