Wicked Science

Network Ten (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • King Cuddly
      Episode 26
      Still love-struck, Jack talks Elizabeth into making Toby normal again and turns himself into a genius when Elizabeth leaves. Now Elizabeth needs Toby when Jack enlarges a koala!
    • 1/1/06
      Elizabeth decides to use Jack to make Toby jealous. All the while Jack is using Elizabeth to find out more information and to steal the disc.
    • Meet the Parents
      Episode 24
      Toby and Nikki's relationship is under threat when Jack and Elizabeth make a deal. Together, they will turn the Baileys against Toby so they won't allow Nikki to date him. In return, Elizabeth agrees to tell Jack the secret behind Wicked Science.
    • Spider Boy
      Episode 23
      Garth's nephew Rodney is in town and he loves to play pranks on everybody. When he has to hide from Mr Woods for disturbing the class Garth takes him to Elizabeth's lab. Rodney gets bitten by a spider and turns into one! He can spit sticky slime and can make cocoons. Now he wants revenge on Sacha for putting itching powder in his clothes. Will Elizabeth get there on time to rescue her?moreless
    • Ghost Girl
      Episode 22
      A very famous celebrity comes to Toby's school and a very jealous Elizabeth is asked to show her around. Elizabeth traps Russ, Toby, Sacha and the celeb in a haunted house using her genius to scare the girl away. Oh, Russ gets entangled into romance...
    • Underwater
      Episode 21
      Elizabeth catches an octopus and extracts poison that can immobilize an elephant with one drop. When Russ and Garth have to clean up the science classroom, Garth makes a spitball with some poison on it, but it accidentally hits Mr Woods. Ms Hammer searches for Mr Woods because he has to drive the class to a concert. Elizabeth then gets paralyzed herself and can't create an antidote. Can Toby come up with an antidote in time?moreless
    • Time Loop
      Episode 20
      Elizabeth is still jealous over Nikki and Toby so she comes up with the perfect plan - she is going to trap Toby in a time loop. So Toby is stuck having the same day, over and over again.
    • Crazy For You
      Episode 19
      Elizabeth creates an artificial intelligence program in order to have a personal assistant who will do the job right. But Max, as she calls it, soon gets out of control and goes after Toby, Verity and Garth via the computer. Will Toby break his date with Nikki to help Elizabeth?
    • Air Dog
      Episode 18
      A rich woman arrives at the school and Ms Hammer is trying to get her to donate money. However, Tobey and Russ have to walk her dog. But Jack captures it and puts a flying device on it and makes it go into the air and out of reach!
    • 12/9/05
      A Science Expo is coming and Jack wants to use the opportunity to get Elizabeth and Toby to make him a genius. Sacha has invented something, but is determined to keep it secret - so why does everyone want to know what it is?
    • 12/2/05
      An experiment which Elizabeth is conducting goes horribly wrong when Verity breaks it.

      The plant from Boggy Creek experiment causes Verity to begin morphing into a scaley creature and with Tobey must change her back before the monster attacks.
    • 11/25/05
      A jealous Elizabeth tries to make Tobey sick enough to come to her by meddling with his brain. But when a blast hits Sacha, she is able to speak to animals and uses this to help save her cousin.
    • The Weakest Link
      Episode 14
      Tobey has created another dinosaur using cells and has kept it in a special eco-system. But, when Jack can't get answers from Elizabeth, he causes a lot of trouble for Toby, Sacha and Russ so he can break into the bungalow.
    • Bolt from the Blue
      Episode 13
      A school dance is coming up and Nikki asks Tobey out. But an angry Elizabeth uses her latest invention to draw the two apart but Jack steals the controls and could blow up the Surf Cafe!
    • A Day in the Life
      Episode 12
      When Sacha and Russ have a fight they knock some equipment in Toby's lab making a chain reaction which sees Sacha and Russ swap places Russ has to win a girl's hockey game and Sacha has to win a pizza eating contest. Will their lives be affected and their secrets revealed...moreless
    • Koala in the Mist
      Episode 11
      When Garth takes away the shrink ray, Jack ends up stealing it and accidentally enlarges a koala Sacha was looking after. Meanwhile, Toby creates a mist making machine to hide the giant koala, which causes more trouble.
    • 10/21/05
      Jack is carefully moving closer to finding out Elizabeth and Toby's secret. Meanwhile, Toby has a date - which Jack's sister Nikki Bailey. When Elizabeth finds out about Nikki and Toby she sees red and wants to ruin the date. But will anyone stop Jack before he finds out the truth?moreless
    • Misty
      Episode 9
      Toby finds himself trapped in a virtual reality world after Elizabeth tricks him into it. Refuses to go along with the plan, she sends herself into it as well hoping that Toby will rescue her and end the game - but instead both become trapped in it. Sacha meanwhile is missing her horse Misty, but the latest teleporter device allows her to bring Misty to her - until the device begins to malfunction and Misty starts appearing at random - anywhere.moreless
    • 10/7/05
      Toby's latest invention is a good one and has the power to only do good things - or does it? Toby finds out that sometimes a little confidence can be good. The ring which gives this power was intended for Verity to help her get out there and show her stuff during swimming. Unfortunately it doesn't go to plan as Elizabeth sets out to tamper with the ring for her own purposes.moreless
    • Close Call
      Episode 7
      Toby and Elizabeth's secret is under threat of being revealed.

      Elizabeth has invented a new device which allows the person or objects it is being aimed at to move through solid objects because it changes the molecules, however, it isn't working properly yet and ends up making things disappear after an amount of time. The device though is accidentally aimed and fired at the unsuspecting Jack - and he begins to disappear.

      Toby must put his dislike for Elizabeth aside and work together to restore Jack to normal before he disappears for good.moreless
    • The Great Dork
      Episode 6
      Problems arise from Toby's latest experiment which sees Russ swap places which his ancestor - from over 350,000 years ago. While Russ begin to enjoy life and invents the pizza, Rog is astounded by this new world he finds himself in and begins to turn Sany Bay upside down.
    • A Friend in Need
      Episode 5
      Russ decides that it is time for him to use one of Toby's inventions. He uses a suit and dresses up as Toby. All goes well until the suit starts to malfunction. Will Toby and Elizabeth's secret be exposed?
    • Fever
      Episode 4
      For once Elizabeth is doing something for others - but only because she has no other choice. She keeps granting other people's wishes, causing the genius in her to start going haywire. Toby knows he must help her, because if he doesn't she may be gone forever...
    • Superfish
      Episode 3
      As Elizabeth continues to try to get Toby's attention, she decides to teach him a lesson. Toby has just invented a seal oil to assist with his swimming. Elizabeth sneaks in and adds a little something to it. When Toby uses the oil he gets more than he bargains for when the oil not only makes him swim like a seal - but act and perform like one as well!moreless
    • Sweet Dreams
      Episode 2
      What could be worse than being a teenager? Being a guinea pig for Elizabeth - especially when you don't know about it. Elizabeth inadvertently manages to create havoc when Sacha's teeth start falling out while she is giving a class presentation. But that is nothing to Garth, who during a game of beach volleyball, begins to grow breasts! Can it be reversed - or has Elizabeth gone too far this time?moreless
    • The Files
      Episode 1
      A new guy arrives at Sandy Bay School - cunning, unscrupulous Jack - who wants nothing more than to discover their secret.

      Elizabeth and Toby are both in trouble, especially when Elizabeth falls for Jack's charm, which is somewhat of a relief for Toby. But Elizabeth has already turned Toby's cousin Sascha and Russ into blowflies.

      But when Elizabeth finds herself being held prisoner by a King Kong sized Koala on the city bridge - will Toby come to her rescue?moreless
  • Season 1