Wicked Wicked Games

Season 1 Episode 53

A Daughter and A Son

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

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  • Today's show revealed lots of feelings.

    A Daughter and a Son was a well-done episode in my opinion. Aaron finally makes it to the hospital to see Brooke after his call from Josh the day before. He not only finds Brooke unconscious, but is later shocked to find that his brother has been shot. This is probably the first time he's really been afraid of losing his brother, because no matter how mad Josh got at him, Aaron knew his brother loved him. Emma. You leave the man you love (Josh) in a closet fully expecting him to be okay until you get back to him, even though you have a bad feeling about it. What you get is that same man being rolled into the hospital with a gunshot wound having almost bled out. What's a girl to do? She scared for Josh and so is Aaron which leads to a bonding moment. That's a start.

    Theo. Stop drinking so much. It always gets you into trouble. Stop giving Blythe ammunition. Stop jumping to conclusions about Aaron and Josh, just because you hate their mother. Okay, Aaron was instrumental in his mother's success, but that has nothing to do with how he feels about your daughter. Edward. What an idiot? You shoot someone because you're jealous that they got a woman you were cheating on. What fool would expect the woman who just caught him cheating to be home waiting for him anyway? I'm sure Blythe has some great plans for him.

    Blythe. It's good to finally see some emotion when it comes to her caring about her sons. Especially after what she almost did to Josh's career and his relationship with Emma. Blythe has a lot to pay for, but she's a great villianess. Overall - a great addition to the series.
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