Wicked Wicked Games

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

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  • luv it i enjoy it

    luv it i enjoy it

    luv it i enjoy it

    luv it i enjoy it

    luv it i enjoy it
  • Intriguing yet perks the curiosity level, however you still need a second or third dose to make final judgment.

    New characters were kept to a minimum, allowing the viewer to familiarize with their names, associations with each other and possible agendas. Acting although not Emmy worthy, does not distract from this tale about manipulation and revenge. Blythe, the main character is delightful and crazy just as the promos indicate. Tatum O’Neal does an excellent job of portraying a jilted,woman on a mission to destroy her ex using “manipulation, cruelty and revenge”. The “cliff hanger” at the end does make you want to watch again. All in all lots of fun, so tune in again to see what happens.
  • Enjoyable!

    Very enjoyable show! Well acted an well written....a difficult combo to pull off for a night-time soap/novella.
    Kudos!! The actors are comfortable in their own skin and do a great job of creating believable characters. The writing is well above average (in the pilot at least) for a concept show such as this. I was very disappointed in the previous shows...Desire and Fashion House. They were badly acted which took away from the writing. I certainly hope that Wicked Wicked Games keeps up with the standard it has set in this pilot episode! I look forward to tuning in every night!