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  • I Looking for DVD

    I was looking for DVD of wicked wicked games, desire, fashion house, and watch over me. I just want to know when its coming out to the stores. So let me know when its coming out.
  • When this ended, so did Life.

    The Best television series of the decade! And I want it on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMG i love this show so much its my favorite show

    OMG i love this show so much its my favorite show and all i can say is the show is amazing i want to see it on dvd i wanna see this show again so badly god i love this show so much i wanna see it again and again i wish and hope so they will make it on dvd and if they did am gonna cry and am gonna be sooooo happy ^_^ they have to make it on dvd because its the most amazing show I've ever seen in my whole life i love it so much
  • The best guilty pleasure since Melrose's glory days!

    Oh how I adored this show! It was such a great guilty pleasure and so addicting. It got off to a slow start,and I would tune in on and off, and around the takeover of the Tides I was glued to my screen. It was absolutely the best guilty pleasure since the glory days of Melrose Place. Tatum O'Neal was spellbinding as Blythe and gave a tour de force performance. Also all the young crowd was ridiculously hot, and the acting wasn't half bad. There were several shocking plot twists: Blythe kills Hope, Lani & Violet brought Blythe down, and Blythe herself was The Boss suffering from multiple personality. Such a great show! I would love to have it on DVD!

    Please bring it back. I loved the show and will miss it very much. I have been watching from the very first show. The last show was good but I could tell you had to put a lot in in a short time. I love the ending with Laney's revenge. I loved loved loved the show. I wish it could come back. I looked forward to every week night because of the show. I nevered missed one. I didn't even TeVo the show once. That is not like me.
  • An action packed drama, full of lies, rage, and love! Wicked Wicked Games is about a woman who want full revenge over her exboyfriend, and she is willing to do what ever it takes to do it, lie, cheat, steal, put her kids in danger, and even kill.

    First off I am mad that they could end such a GREAT show! Ok anyway, my friend had told me about a great show on My PHL17, i had heard of it but i never thought about watching it. Well, one day he asked me to tell him what he was missing (because he was not home), and let me tell you, this is one of the best show i have ever seen. Ok, maybe thats a little much but i loved this show. It is full of drama, suspence, rage, action, everything. From that time on i have been hooked on the show. Now the thing with My PHL is that they come up with 2 shows at a time and run 25 shows, personaly i dont think that is right. I think that they should keep the show that got better ratings. They did not same thing with fashion house and desire. Ok back to the show. I have to say that the actors and actresses in this show were outstanding. I liked every bit of this show and i am upset at the fact that it is over.
  • It's fun to cheer for the crazy H,B,I,C Blythe

    okay ya'll know what this show is fun because its all about playing the game of love and it has no rules what so ever and Blythes is a pshyco crazy **** , and she'll stop at nothing to get back at Theodore and so far she's been wining the entire time and she's playin games and their all leting her play them just like that and she even playin her sons into doing whatever she says. okay so over all this is a cool show and i recommend to watch because it teaches a very interesting lesson Revenge Is A Dish Best Served ,Crazy.
  • Tatum O'Neal, didn't think she could do it but she's absolutely, positively fabulous! Without her, there would be no show. I've thought about it long and hard and decided without Tatum and the them song "Think Again" I wouldn't even be watching the show

    Please, Tatum, more t.v. dramas in your future!! And the Blond Mafias with their theme song, I look forward to seeing your music video and listening to what else you guys have put out there.

    Please note, I'm very conservative and didn't really think I'd be the type to either watch or listen to this but you guys got me!
  • story about a woman getting her revenge through every way possible

    this show is phenomenal, it simply has all the elements needed to form a soap opera show and unexpectedly bringing them all to the next level. every aspect is intensified to a whole new level such as the fiery and whatever-it-takes revenge, the unforgivably explicit disloyalty, the dark romance, etc. combined with fine actors and actresses definitely makes this soap opera a must-see, and im speaking from a "doesn't-like-soap-opera" perspective.
    absolutely love it! i cant go by a day missing this show, the story is so well-told and well-put-together that is simply an greatly entertaining thriller. cant wait for the next episode, hey, im actually a guy and i love this show, nothing wrong with that right? hhehhe
    something's actually wrong if there is!! heheh
    also, another thing about this show that attracts viewers so deeply is the no-beating-around-the-bush factor that i sensed being present in alot of other so-called great shows, this show just simply doesnt beat around the bush, it actually brings answers to viewers who are usually dyingly thirsty to wanna know that happens next, it doesnt keep viewers guessing which is a huge pain in the ass, every episode comes with a promise of relieving certain puzzles that viewers have in their minds and what can i say, aint that a good thing or what!
  • Aaron/Danny will turnout to be the "hero". Theo's not playing the ailing "woe is me" role very well at all. Blythe's role as the "****" is getting old. Brooke's role as the "Whiney - Spoiled" is really old. Emma - how much more

    Does anybody realize that Blythe is getting her information from Theo's sister? "Phillippe" is Blythe!

    This is too easy, seems as if they just streached the plot line way too thin to make up for dead air time.

    Poor Hope, I wouldn't waste time on Blythe, just "shoot her"

    The "tramp receptionist" and the "lying/cheating lawyer" are just about the only "true to life" character's written in the script. Now this type of behavior is happening all day long in all types of realtionships, how novel.

    On the whole, this would fit into a 7-8 time slot much better. The ratings would be better because there would be less competition from better shows.
  • Wicked Wicked Games

    I find the show very amusing and the characters quite entertaining. Edward is one of the best looking characters on the show. I love his acting,he is a bad boy, but he is also charismatic. That wink he gives to Jennifer. He sounds just like a lawyer and really nails his lines. He has it all the body, the looks, the acting, and the women. He should be the star. BRING HIM BACK.
  • I think MyNetwork TV has finally done what others have tried!!!!! Can you guess?????

    Nighttime soaps. I LOVE IT. A new episode nightly and a weekly recap. Who could ask for anything more. Not to mention the intriguing plot. Kudos to the writers. Take Tatum O\'Neal as a villianous is Fanfabulous. I am totally one to not watch alot of TV but this...has me getting all my ducks in a row before seven each night, just to watch it.
  • Great mix of interplay in relationships plus lots of things happening. Head and shoulders above the first two MyNet shows!

    I've been watching since the beginning and have become engrossed in the plot. But I also think that the acting, casting, dialog, writing, production, etc. are SO much better than Desire & Fashion House that I wonder why the network didn't lead off with this. I think the actors all work very well together, the "couples" (Josh and Emma/ Aaron/Dan & Brooke) have chemistry. It's hard not to develop strong like/dislike for the characters but when you do that, you know the show/acting is good! About the only one I'm not crazy about is Kim Porter who plays Lani's sister. So far, she seems unnecessary but maybe her character will be developed. I love Emma and Josh (Jessie Ward and David Smith) and Aaron (Jack Krizmanich), and I think Tatum O'Neal as Blythe takes "insane" to the max. Clive Robertson, as Theodore, is also excellent. I wish Serena Scott Thomas' character (Maddy) was seen more, and her "online lover" is another mystery. Overall, I think the story is a great mix between things "happening" to keep your interest, and the interplay between characters and all the relationships. I feel there are still a lot of secrets to yet discover and I look forward to watching every night.
  • First time viewer of the show- not too impressed.

    This show isn't horrible, but it isn't the best that I've seen. The story line isn't too bad, but the acting is far from being great. This is my first time watching the show and all I can think about is how bad SOME of the actors are. Blyth is a horrible actress- in my opinin, the show can find someone better- or she needs acting classes. The girl who plays as Brooke isn't too great either, she makes Hilary Duff's acting look amazing. It looks as though she is a first time actress. She's too whiny and the scenes she's need improvement. Overall I am not very impressed with this show. Again, the story line is not bad at all. But the casting director could have done a better job in choosing the actors. A suggestion would to have the actors/actresses take up some acting classes. As a first time viewer of the show- my first impression wasn't a good one. It's a good idea to listen to the viewers, they're the ones that watch the show.
  • This show, with its fine actors and dramatic plot, is a MUST-SEE for any fan of fine television.

    Wicked Wicked Games lives up to its sinful name. Blythe, played by the Academy Award-winning Tatum O'Neal, is a real piece of work. Desperately crazy for revenge, she is willing to do anything, even manipulating and using her own sons to achieve her goals.
    This would ordinarily be a melodramatic yet simple plotline but Wicked Wicked Games brings this story to a whole new level of excitement and thrill. At every moment of the show, there is deceit and suspense. The characters are all played convincingly; David Smith as Josh Spencer and Jack Krizmanich as Aaron Spencer are especially brilliant. The show is much more complex than the storyline suggests and depicts how easily it is to be taken in by events that occur or people's comments. We are all vulnerable to manipulation, which is just one area this show explores. Wicked Wicked Games also delves into the feelings of betrayal and the human instinct for revenge when we have been wronged. Blythe is the puppetmaster of this show and it is fascinating to see how she plays the people around her, even her supposed allies. When her son, Aaron shows a rare moment of compassion, it is instantly suppressed by Blythe. You can only guess how she treats her enemies...
    Tune in!
  • After a week, I am totally hooked.

    I've been watching this show for a bit over a week now, and I find myself looking forward to watching it every night. It's impossible to always watch at the time it's on, but thankfully I have Tivo. I did watch Desire before this, and a little bit of Fashion House. This is SO much better. I haven't seen one flashback, the storyline is very interesting, has better dialog, the plot moves along swiftly, and the acting is very good. I love Clive Robertson (Theodore) in this role and also particularly like Jessie Ward (Emma). She comes across as genuine and real, which is sometimes hard to do in the telenovela genre. The fellow who played Davis Reynolds, the Texan who visited the Tides, was a nice touch. It would be nice to see Serena Scott Thomas's character (Maddy) have a bit more to do besides read Tarot cards and comfort Hope. Maybe that will develop later. Tatum O'Neal is playing the crazy vengeful scorned woman to the hilt. I think Jack Krizmanich and David Smith are doing a good job. My only minor gripes with them are that it's a little unbelievable that, at age 25, Jack has amassed such connections in the business world and would have such a suave demeanor. Now we know it's really Blythe who has the connections, but Jack's passing himself off to Theodore as such and that's a little over the top that Theodore would swallow all of that. And David (Josh) seems just a tad too naieve. But other than that, the quality of everything here is pleasantly, surprisingly (when compared with Desire) good. They should have done this one first.
  • Not worth watching. Script has no, \"what\'s next\"? Already known.

    The best of the worst part, it drags out a bit, background music is familiar for some reason and drags along, and the same with the script. The really bad part, is T. O\'neil, she is over acting even for a psycho person. It\'s not even bad acting, it\'s overacting, so much so it\'s funny. It\'s like watching a kid making fun of someone else. So dramatic! Get someone else for her part, make it like someone in real life reaction, not a puppet. How about some mystery to the story? Maybe some anticipation to continue watching...even for the next 10 minutes, something to dig the teeth into.
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