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  • Parting Shots
    Parting Shots
    Episode 72
    As Josh and Emma hold an engagement party, Blythe walks in and ruins all the fun with her gun. Then, we get a look into one year in the future with love and marrige and see how the tables are turned when Lani gets revenge on a helpless Blythe.

    Warning: Episode Recap contains detailed spoilers.moreless
  • Embarkations
    Episode 71
    Gannon reveals the alter ego of Blythe to her sons. Lani's fears prove unwarranted as Taylor proclaims his love. And Emma and Josh's engagement party receives one guest too many. \
  • Who's the Boss
    Who's the Boss
    Episode 70
    Lani comes clean to the police, in hopes of implicating Blythe. While Josh and Aaron investigate their mother's home, Blythe's temper may uncover her buried secret. And the video diary finally reveals the identity of "The Boss".
  • Fighting Back
    Fighting Back
    Episode 69
    Violet relays the details of her escape and questions the baffling identity of "The Boss." An ecstatic Maddy gets the offer of a lifetime. And Violet and Lani stage a heist but find themselves encountering their heartless enemy.
  • Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
    Josh receives an anonymous note bearing questionable advice concerning Anna. While Lani breaks down and confesses her sins, Violet finds herself in the company of a mysterious savior. And a simple walk on the beach becomes a magical experience for Emma.
  • Special Delivery
    Special Delivery
    Episode 67
    The efforts of the hospital staff are put to the test as they struggle to save Jennifer's life. While Emma grieves over the loss of one life, it's the death of Hope that leaves her devastated. And Anna succumbs to the effects of Lani's poisoning.
  • No Regrets
    No Regrets
    Episode 66
    While his victim lays unconscious, Edward leads the police on a high-speed chase. Meanwhile the identity of the accident victim is revealed. And a moment of thanks is interrupted by a turn for the worse.
  • Hit and Run
    Hit and Run
    Episode 65
    With her first try unsuccessful, Lani makes another attempt at Anna's life. Armed with his newfound information, Benjamin makes a gruesome discovery. And while Emma's life is threatened yet again, one woman's bravery may end up costing a life…but whose?
  • All the Small Things
    Despite Josh's attempt to detain him, Edward manages to slip through his fingers. Taylor's suspicions are aroused after questioning Lani about her spa visit, while Lani makes her plans to carry out Blythe's plans. And Benjamin recieves some disturbing evidence that may expose just how crazy Blythe is.
  • Dressed for Success
    Dressed for Success
    Episode 63
    Blythe releases Lani, who is pushed to carry out her mission against Anna. An ecstatic Taylor is reunited with his absent love. And while Edward threatens the life of his former fiance'e, he inadvertently reveals that it's not his first attempt at murder.
  • Reconstruction
    Episode 62
    Blythe and Anna duke it out in hopes of bringing one another down. Discussions about what really happened that fateful night in Catalina are overheard by Violet. And Lani is forced to choose between two lives…one that includes her sister.
  • Judgment Day
    Judgment Day
    Episode 61
    A feud heats up, while romance blossoms between others.
  • Lawyers and Lies
    Lawyers and Lies
    Episode 60
    Blythe finds that all bets are off when her ownership of The Tides is challenged. Tired of his mother’s schemes, Aaron decides to leave his position. A worried Violet attempts to find her sister. And Brooke’s drinking sends her teetering on the edge of life and death.
  • The Answer to Everything
    Anna reveals herself to her family, leaving her daughters troubled and Theodore confused. Emma stays true to her heart and moves on from a life with Edward. And Blythe forces Edward to help her, using the threat of arrest as bait.
  • Familiarity Breeds
    Familiarity Breeds
    Episode 58
    Brooke tells Aaron about her past; Aaron and Josh try to reconcile.
  • Coming Home
    Coming Home
    Episode 57
    Aaron has a breakdown as he deals with his life changing drastically.
  • Tempting Fate
    Tempting Fate
    Episode 56
    Maddy meets a stranger that evokes old memories of a deceptive lost love. Aaron gains a new perspective of Theodore’s involvement with the shooting. And while Theodore and Taylor attempt to physically intimidate Aaron, it’s the revelation from Blythe that sends him reeling.
  • Last Straw
    Last Straw
    Episode 55
    Free on bail, Theodore attempts to find out what really happen during the fateful poker game. Ecstatic that Emma is out of the picture, Jennifer finds the “new” Edward is not what she hoped. And though Lani’s tries to make her escape, she soon realizes that Blythe has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.moreless
  • Hard Evidence
    Hard Evidence
    Episode 54
    A confrontation occurs between Blythe and Edward; Theodore gets himself into trouble.
  • A Daughter and A Son
    Theodore’s temper flares again and Aaron receives the brunt of it. As Emma worries over the condition of her sister, Josh finally makes an appearance at the hospital…but not the way she hoped. And Blythe exhibits a rare show of emotion after seeing the condition of her son.
  • The Loneliest Number
    A collapsed Brooke is rushed to the hospital while a worried Aaron lingers by her side. Emma and Josh enjoy their time at the beach, while a frantic Maddy tries to contact Emma. And as Emma rushes to the hospital, Josh is left at the cabin…not realizing that danger is just around the corner. An unexpected chain of events results in a mysterious shooting.moreless
  • The Blue Pill
    The Blue Pill
    Episode 51
    Riddled with jealousy, Edward finds himself becoming more and more desperate. Meanwhile Emma’s thoughts fall further away from Edward as she and Josh share a passionate event. And Brooke makes a heartbreaking discovery and turns to a dangerous method to ease her pain.
  • Enough is Never Enough
    Violet’s suspicions are aroused after an attempt to contact Lani fails. While a drunken Theodore tries to overpower Blythe, she remains unfazed and continues to mock him. And Edward finds himself caught with his hand in the cookie jar, leaving Emma to make a determined decision.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Much to Maddy’s shock and disappointment, Philippe isn’t what she expected. Though apologetic, Edward finds that Emma is pushing for her space. And Blythe reveals she has more than skeletons in the closet.
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
    Easy Come, Easy Go
    Episode 48
    Blythe’s news could be more than Theodore can handle. Lani receives a surprising offer to aid in her recovery. And Emma’s love for Edward turns sour when his intoxication leads to a shocking assault.
  • Payback is Hell
    Payback is Hell
    Episode 47
    A victorious Abraham meets with Blythe to complete their final transaction. An elated Maddy looks forward to finally meeting Philippe in the flesh. And while Edward plans a clandestine “date” with Jennifer, he finds himself interrupted by an old adversary.
  • The Boss of Me
    The Boss of Me
    Episode 46
    A vengeful Blythe takes action. Theodore hits rock bottom when his dreams are shattered as he makes the biggest mistake of his life. Lani is contacted by a mysterious stranger who may hold the key to overthrowing Blythe. But information comes at a price as Lani finds herself caught in a dangerous game…one that could put her life in danger.moreless
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  • Snakes in the Garden
    Hoping to finally bring Blythe down, Lani reveals her plans to Taylor…but an unseen presence could prove deadly for her. A distressed Maddy goes to destructive extremes to ease her pain. And Theodore reveals he’s about to take a high-stakes risk in order to get back what is rightfully his.
  • Giving Up the Ghost
    Giving Up the Ghost
    Episode 43
    While Blythe believes the job is done, Hope takes one last grasp at life’s strings. Blythe offers to sell back The Tides leaving Theodore to bet everything he has. But things aren’t always what they seem as Theodore finds that his recent love affair could be more than he bargained for. An unexpected source tricks Theodore.moreless
  • Beauty Pageant
    Beauty Pageant
    Episode 42
    Blythe takes charge by dealing with matters herself. Elsewhere, fate smiles on Theodore.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Episode 41
    Josh receives a tempting offer. Meanwhile, escalating tensions rip apart sisters and lovers.
  • Unfinished Buissness
    The Tides gets a new account and looks to a new future. Hope confronts Blythe on her treatment of Emma, while Aaron attempts to mend things with his brother. And Taylor appeals to Theodore about Lani’s help, but finds him drunk and unreceptive.
  • Wicked Wicked Games Highlights #6
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  • Satisfaction
    Episode 38
    Elated by her success in bringing Theodore down, Blythe takes on a new lover. Hope challenges Theodore as she considers inching closer to another. Hope confronts Theodore on his recent destructive behavior. Meanwhile best friendships are tested when Cherry’s questioning invokes Brook’s wrath. And Lani appeals to Taylor for forgiveness…and offers a chance to bring Blythe down.moreless
  • Who's Your Daddy
    Who's Your Daddy
    Episode 37
    There's no brotherly love when Josh gets fed up with his twin brother Aaron's antics, Josh decides to let his hands to do talking in a fiery fight. Meanwhile, Blythe basks in a steamy romance.
  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts
    Episode 36
    Sibling rivalry escalates when Emma accidentally reveals the contents of her mother's will during a heated argument with Brooke. Meanwhile, Blythe gets a warning from Theodore.
  • Global Highlight #2
    Global Highlight #2
    Episode 35
    A recap of the ups and downs of the show so far.
  • The Spoils of War
    The Spoils of War
    Episode 34
    Blythe happens upon danger as secrets are unearthed. The realization that Blythe is taking over The Tides proves too much for Theodore's temper to handle.
  • Wicked Wicked Games Highlights #5
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  • The Woman In Red
    The Woman In Red
    Episode 32
    As Theodore's company begins to collapse, Blythe spreads startling news. Meanwhile, truths emerge about Josh's past. Tony Perkins guest stars.
  • Watershed
    Episode 31
    A person unexpectedly betrays Josh.
  • Truth or Paranoia
    Truth or Paranoia
    Episode 30
    Tensions escalate between Blythe and Hope, who have a stormy encounter.
  • Delayed Gratification
    Theodore takes on the fight of his life. Meanwhile, Emma chooses the wrong person as a confidant.Though Theodore and Emma make a pact to keep the family secrets between them, Brooke's suspicions are nonetheless aroused. And while Josh tries to prove that Emma should have faith in him, Edward proves that he cannot be trusted.moreless
  • The Cats Out of the Bag
    Emma comes clean about a shocking secret from her past. While some are easily swayed by Blythe's machinations, others see right through her tricks. While Emma believes Brooke should know the truth, Hope and Maddy plea to keep her discoveries a secret. Theodore begins to realize the financial extent of Aaron's actions. And Emma's confrontation with her father may not have the result she was hoping for.moreless
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  • Everyone Has A Secret
    While Emma uncovers troubling information about her past, Aaron gradually becomes unnerved by Blythe's power plays. An indignant confrontation from Emma may put Theodore's health in jeopardy.
  • Trust and Other Dirty Words
    As Aaron submits to temptation, after finding her mother's diaries, Emma uncovers her family's dark secrets.
  • When Fate Hands You Lemons
    While some are easily swayed by Blythe's machinations, others see right through her tricks. While Emma believes Brooke should know the truth, Hope and Maddy plea to keep her discoveries a secret. Theodore begins to realize the financial extent of Aaron's actions. And Emma's confrontation with her father may not have the result she was hoping for.moreless
  • When Hope Is Lost
    When Hope Is Lost
    Episode 23
    Theodore harbors a secret that persuades him to make an unexpected proposal. Wicked scenarios revolve around Hope, as Theodore leads her astray and Blythe has a nasty encounter with her.
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  • Love's Fury
    Love's Fury
    Episode 21
    Josh corners Blythe while Gannon shares startling information with Theodore.
  • Collateral Damages
    Collateral Damages
    Episode 20
    Aaron has a romantic escapade, which gives him a respite from the realities of his life. A concerned Josh finds his usually confident brother on the verge of a breakdown. Nervous about his close call with Brooke, Edward resists the advances of his office "distraction." Theodore's indecisiveness leaves Hope's feelings crushed. And a business meeting leads to a passion that can no longer be denied.moreless
  • Silly Rabbit
    Silly Rabbit
    Episode 19
    A mysterious call is directed at Josh, arousing Gannon's suspicions.
  • Stick to the Plan
    Stick to the Plan
    Episode 18
    As shocking news spreads to Josh, Blythe undermines Brooke by giving her poor advice. Emma’s decision is revealed to Josh…and could serve to break his heart. Then Blythe encourages Brooke to prey on an unfaithful Edward.
  • Global Higlights #1
    Global Higlights #1
    Episode 17
    A recap of the ups and downs of the show so far.
  • Wicked Wicked Games Highlights #2
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  • The Race Is On
    The Race Is On
    Episode 15
    Josh's unbridled passion results in a potentially tumultuous situation. Elsewhere, Emma must make a difficult choice. Brooke’s discovery has her fuming. Meanwhile Josh goes incognito to prove his innocence, but comes face to face with his nemesis. And Hope vents her worries about her employer’s relationship.
  • The Seduction
    The Seduction
    Episode 14
    As fate frowns on Josh, past romances rebloom.
  • Complexity of Brotherly Love
    Josh seeks out his sibling for a favor; Blythe exploits Benjamin.
  • It's in the Bag
    It's in the Bag
    Episode 12
    Blythe defends Josh, who receives an ultimatum from his twin brother. Josh's threats forces Blythe to step up her efforts in helping him. Emma begins to have doubts about Josh's sincerity, while Edward finds himself at a close call. And Taylor's office visitor could help confirm his suspicions.
  • The Stooge
    The Stooge
    Episode 11
    Where Blythe goes, trouble follows. Meanwhile, Emma and Josh's lives collide, if only fleetingly.
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  • Leave Them Wanting More
    A stranger piques Brooke's curiosity. Meanwhile, Aaron turns to Blythe for advice.
  • Testing Boundaries
    Testing Boundaries
    Episode 8
    New evidence reveals the identity of the assailant. Tension builds between Emma and Josh.
  • Recipe for Disaster
    Blythe's curiosity causes trouble. Aaron's business plans come to fruition.
  • The Closer You Get
    The Closer You Get
    Episode 6
    A chance encounter finds Aaron in a compromising situation.
  • Needle in the Hay
    Needle in the Hay
    Episode 5
    Davis, Theo and Aaron discover the stable boy sleeping and the thoroughbred gone. Davis is furious. Theo calls Mark, an officer friend of his. Brooke tries to seduce Aaron with the old “naked under the coat” trick, but they are interrupted by Theo, who doesn’t pick up on what’s going on. Mark reports that the stable boy was indeed drugged. Aaron comforts a terrified Emma. Edward warns him to stay away from her. Josh tells Aaron he’s interested in Emma and Josh suspects Aaron likes Emma. Aaron tells him to stay away from Emma and they almost fight. Blythe and Theo have dinner. Edward is jealous of Aaron and Emma. Theo doesn’t tell Hope about his dinner with Blythe.moreless
  • Pilot (Re-air)
    Pilot (Re-air)
    Episode 4
    In an Encore Presentation of the Premire episode of Wicked Wicked Games were introduced to Blythe Hunter who is a woman scorned when her husband Theodore abandons her and their two sons to marry another woman for money. Now, 25 years later, Blythe is implementing her long term and evil scheme devised to ruin Theodore's successful business by grooming her handsome adult sons, Aaron and Josh, to exact revenge against her ex-husband by marrying his two daughters, Emma and Brooke. But not everything goes according to Blythe's plan.moreless
  • Tools of the Trade
    Tools of the Trade
    Episode 3
    Blythe tells Theodore who she is and they have a nice conversation, which Hope witnesses. Davis plans to send a few of his horses over to The Tides. Hope is really curious about Blythe. Emma seems very intrigued by Josh. She also tries to get Brooke interested in The Tides. Madeleine tells Hope about Blythe. Brooke hits on Aaron once again and is not intimidated when he rebuffs her efforts. Blythe is planning to foil Theo’s efforts to put The Tides back to its feet. She blackmails her lawyer into helping her with her plan. Emma takes Josh for a walk around the racetrack. Later on, Aaron drugs the stable boy and lets Theo’s finest horse run away!moreless
  • Behind the Mask
    Behind the Mask
    Episode 2
    After realizing that Emma is the one that will be inheriting Theodore's money, Blythe orders Aaron to dump Brooke over to Josh and get involved with Emma. Aaron starts working at The Tides as General Manager and Taylor feels threatened. Emma is having a birthday party. Madeleine, Theodore's sister, is in love with Philippe, a man she knows via the Internet. Madeleine's friend, Hope, is in a serious relationship with Theo. Aaron gets rid of Brooke during Emma's birthday party. Theodore sees Blythe at the party--but she is wearing a mask.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Blythe Hunter is a woman scorned when her husband Theodore abandons her and their two sons to marry another woman for money. Now, 25 years later, Blythe is implementing her long term and evil scheme devised to ruin Theodore's successful business by grooming her handsome adult sons, Aaron and Josh, to exact revenge against her ex-husband by marrying his two daughters, Emma and Brooke. But not everything goes according to Blythe's plan.moreless