Wicked Wicked Games

Season 1 Episode 44

Snakes in the Garden

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

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  • The show is really tied together!!!

    Okay, there were a few silly things that happened in this episode. First, why would Lani meet Taylor at a place everybody frequents? Second, why would Theodore be so trusting after what Aaron just did to him? Those things out of the way, I really enjoyed the episode. It was just another example of how tied together all the characters are. Aaron is there to see Lani and Taylor talking. Why wouldn't he be? They should have met at McDonalds or Taylor's house. Carmen works for Blythe and is talking Theodore into risking the little security he has left. What would make him think that Blythe is through with him? Josh is there for Maddie when she needs someone. Is this coincidence or will we later find that they are connected in someway as well? The show is so soapy, but I love that the characters are all connected. There's no one that's just sitting out there all alone. Daytime soaps should take a lesson from that.