Wicked Wicked Games

Season 1 Episode 56

Tempting Fate

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

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  • Very well written episode with lots going on.

    Even though we suspected for awhile that Theodore was really Josh and Aaron's father, the way tonight's episode was written still held lots of excitement about the way it happened. Blythe showed signs of actually having some human emotions but still retaining the right "touch" of insanity. She actually looked scared when she told Theo that Aaron was his son. I felt sorry for Aaron, with all that he's been through helping to implement his mother's "plan"....to now find out that not only did he help destroy his father, but he was (he thinks) sleeping with his sister! Definitely time for a panic attack. Of course, Brooke could have told him that Theo wasn't HER real dad, or Aaron could have told Brooke what he found out rather than let her think he was dissing her, but that's what makes it all interesting, and why you HAVE TO watch the next episode. That was the "angst" part of the episode.

    The nice things were Josh and Emma being back on track, Josh recovering nicely from the shooting, and Maddie meeting a real-life Phillippe (I HOPE he's on the level because Maddie truly deserves a break). And then, of course, we still have the sinister things hovering in the background: What's going on with Lani, and what does Blythe have in store for Edward? Because we all know she will NOT let Edward get away with this and must have some diabolical scheme up her sleeve for him. And he deserves it......but Lani doesn't. Still hoping she can manage to get away. I will definitely miss this show when it's over!
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