Wicked Wicked Games

Season 1 Episode 51

The Blue Pill

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

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  • Exactly what I've been waiting for.

    Okay, I enjoyed Josh and Emma together (they're my favs). Josh is finally getting close to Emma. After pushing Josh away for so long, because of a promise she made to Edward, she's ready to let go. She leaves Edward his ring and goes off for a weekend with Josh. He wants to take it slow, but she's having none of it. It's about time.

    Edward, back at home, is having a hard time. He's an idiot. What real man would expect the woman he's engaged to to be at home waiting when she just caught him with another woman? How big a fool can he be? And how far will he go for pride's sake?

    Hope's still missing. Maddie trust your instincts and your dreams. You're rarely wrong. Come on, you know she's gone.

    Lastly, Brooke has gone off the deep end. I know she's hurting and she doesn't feel like she fits anywhere, but what would possess her to take something from a practical stranger. Oh yeah, Brooke takes strangers home, so what would it matter about taking drugs. Forget that she's already drunk and bobbing and weaving. Hopefully, her visit to the hospital will give her the jolt she needs to stop the downward spiral. Overall, it was a pretty good episode and I can't wait to see what happens next.