Wickedly Perfect

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • With the new Martha Stewart Apprentice on, did people think that it was going to be similar to the cancelled show Wickedly Perfect?

    I watched Wickedly Perfect when it was on and found it a fun show to watch. It had all the essential elements, except a good host. We have had interesting, fun shows before with bad hosts, and they really only flopped; see Boy Meets Boy, Manhunt. I mean, even Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother, though completely ineffective, is at least hilarious on most levels with her robotic nature and incessant inability to perform on the fly.
    What Wickedly Perfect had, was a series of crafty challenges that were more fun to watch than any of the executive challenges that were presented to us on Martha Stewart Apprentice. Martha is a host with charisma and a refined, pompous, know-it-all personality masquerading under a thinly veiled layer of a warm, caring homemaker who writes either encouraging or b*tchy letters to the people she fires.
    It's too bad that Martha Stewart could not have combined forces to have the crafty challenges that frankly, I was expecting from her, because by taking the two successful elements of each show, they could really have something.