Wickedly Perfect

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • Joan Lunden hosts a competitive show for people wanting a show like Martha Stewart's show.

    When I heard the premise, I thought the lack of specifics was due to wanting to surprise the audience with what new twists to the genre they had. The premise was similar to The Apprentice and for a slightly more overwhelming prize: being the focus of a burgeoning media empire, a la Ms. Stewart.

    Unfortunately, that would be making more of this than what we, the audience, got.

    How can a show that is about finding the next Craftperson Emeritus survive, as it were, the culling of contestants strong in one or two areas and marked for dismissal as soon as they are praised by the judges?

    Short answer? They can't.

    I watched this late winter/early spring time-waster off and on. One or two episodes, I nodded off in the middle of watching!

    There were no objective guidelines for the contestants to follow, being judged on group and individual "creative" endeavors. Those endeavors ranged from using apples decoratively and in dishes for a luncheon to beautifying a section of public park and , individually, making something for a "luxury" campsite to making a festive mask (in the tradition of Mardis Gras and costumed balls.)

    I shake my head for various reasons, but the chaotic, always subjective voting criteria the judges used narrowed down the two on the chopping block by the 'losing' team after a challenge.

    If the rules were retooled, maybe there could be a salvaging of this interesting premise.

    By the way, the prize was to be awarded a book contract and a 'fine living'-type syndicated show. There was also a contest for the audience- the winner to have a dinner catered by the show's winner.

    A Happy Meal with a birthday party of three year olds would be preferable.

    (The runner up really should have won, IMO, and a dinner with him would have been at least interesting.)