Widget, the World Watcher

(ended 1991)


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Widget, the World Watcher

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Widget, the World Watcher is an animated television series which debuted in 1990. The show focused on a short, purple alien named Widget who could shapeshift. He and a group of young, human friends, Brian, Kevin and Kristine, would go through a number of adventures to protect the natural environment. Widget is frequently accompanied by the Megabrain, an extremely intelligent but somewhat cocky being who appears as a floating head (with a transparent cranium) and floating hands. The show was produced by Calico Creations to teach children about the dangers of pollution. Each episode would have Widget contending with a villain wishing to exploit Earth's environment or natural resources, like Dr. Dante, Mega Slank, and his evil twin, Ratchet. 65 Episodes of this series were produced and it aired for 5 seasons.