Wife Swap (UK) - Season 10

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Nadine swaps with Red
    This week farm-wife Nadine runs a tight ship, running not only the farm, but also a bed and breakfast. She thinks her husband Darren needs to spend more time at home. She's swapping with relaxed mother Red, who runs a alternative clothes shop with her husband Dan. Zanthe their step-daughter and Spike their son aren't given any boundaries at all. During the swap, Nadine enjoys her time working so close to Red's husband and makes her think twice about how much she actually does miss Darren. Whilst Red enjoys showing the kids how they can have a good time and getting the family together for once.moreless
  • Series 10 - Episode 5
    This week see's a gay comitted man, who has adopted a baby, swap with a woman who brings her children up to be against gay adoption.
  • Penny swaps with Vanessa
    Blind mother of two, Penny swaps places with mum of five Vanessa. Penny feels undermined by the adults in Vanessa's household, whilst Vanessa finds everyday things hard, once she's made to wear specially designed glasses to see what it's like to be blind. Vanessa decides to make family time, free time, gives husband Mike some of Penny's responsibilities and buys a TV for both of the childrens bedrooms, their's an increase in the kids pocket money and some of the discipline systems are took away. Penny decides to add structure, discipline and teamwork into the household, husband Pat is told he has to start disciplining his kids and the kids are told they aren't allowed to go on anything electronic after 4pm. Whilst Pat's disciplining seems to work wonders for the kids, Mike doesn't agree with Vanessa's rules and try's to go against as many as he can. When the two meet, a calm meeting ensues, with both couples having a very frank discussion about the rules that were implemented.moreless
  • Emma swaps with Sam
    Emma is a stay at home mum to ten kids, with her partner Lee Hamlin they run a tight ship, with everyone chipping in. Lee works, however Emma is also wanting to start having a small job to get away from the house. Sam reserves her weekends for family time with her husband Darren, and their two children. However during the rest of her time, she's busy running a sweet shop. When the two swap, Darren gets upset with what Sam's wrote in her manual for Emma about how little he does and Lee chucks Sam out twice.moreless
  • Series 10 - Episode 2
    Another couple swap lives to see if they can learn anything about their own relationship.
  • Series 10 - Episode 1
    Another couple swap lives to see if they can learn anything about their own relationship.