Wife Swap (UK) - Season 5

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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  • Lisa swaps with Nancy
    Lisa has got a worldwide successful aromatherapy business, which puts her husband and three children second, as she works up to 90 hours each week. Her husband and oldest son work for her. Lisa believes that she's close enought to having it as good as you can get. Whilst Nancy hasn't worked for thirteen years and although living on a council estate, she and her husband Vinny believe that looking after their four children is top priority.moreless
  • Jan swaps with Debs
    Jan is completely anti-routine and has banned rules and routine in her house, which she shares with husband Oli and sons Dino, Finn and Albie. Whilst Debs husband Rob has built a business to support her and her two sons Ricky and Jordan, allowing them to have the finer things in life and enter private education.moreless
  • Debbie swaps with Angie
    Debbie, a full-time mother swaps with hair salon owner Angie. Debbie admits she loves her sons Matt and Sam more then her husband. Whilst Angie's oldest daughter Kelly, says she looks up to her mum, her other two daughters Sophie and Jemimah are both unhappy with the way their mum is never around and having to go to boarding school.moreless
  • Suzanne swaps with Jo
    Jo doesn't have a strict attitude at all, allowing her kids to do, to eat and to act how they want, she thinks she's let it go too far, so spends her days overworking in her flower shop. Suzanne makes sure her children have enough responsibility to live in the adult world, letting them work in the family's sandwich shop.moreless
  • Jane swaps with Jayne
    Jane who lives on a island with husband Bill and their children, Isaac and Jacob believe in strict parenting. The pair love spending time with one another. Jayne on the other hand loves a party and loves to socialise with husband Martin and their children Sasha and Max.
  • Karen swaps with Sharon
    Karen from Norfolk trades places with Sharon from Rochdale. Karen is made to do all the housework and look after the kids, Kingsley, Pia, Jordan and Brandon, by ex-army husband Brian, who has a strict punishment system in place for the kids. Whilst Sharon has moved into stepdad Paul's house with three kids James, Leon and Olivier and is convinced her children can't do anything wrong. Both Karen and Paul are wanting more respect from their partners, but will the rule changes, change anything after the swap?moreless
  • The Obedient Wife Edition [Yvonne swaps with Michelle]
    Yvonne from Uxbridge swaps with Michelle from the Isle of Wight. Yvonne is a stay at home mum devoted to her four children, Shannon, Michael, Hannah and Amy, plus husband Dave, spending her days cleaning and on a very strict routine. Whilst Michelle who got pregnant at the age of sixteen, was devastated when she found out she was having twins. Now aged three, Sophie and Stephen live at home with Michelle and her partner Ian. Michelle has got a job at the pub, where she spends nearly all her time, leaving Ian at home. Yvonne decorates the twins bedroom, bans Ian from darts and implements a mealtime and bedtime for the kids, whilst Michelle refuses to clean, gets rid of the schedules and gets Shannon and Michael to take charge of waking everyone up in a morning, she also allows them to have treats whenever they want them.moreless