Wife Swap (UK) - Season 9

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Michele swaps with Louise
    Michele lives with her husband David, with their six children and fifty pets. David spends his time running his own falconry business, whilst Michele looks after the house. Louise and husband Mark live a totally different life, as Louise is a model and property developer who finds it hard to fit everything in whilst Mark looks after everything at home.moreless
  • Judith swaps with Dawn
    Judith and husband Glen are devout Christians, living the word of the Bible down to the letter. Judith does everything for her family, as is tradition. Dawn lives a born-again Christian life with husband Scott. She has no rules in her house and leaves all the cooking to her husband, leaving her to go out gambling and drinking all nights of the week.moreless
  • Ife swaps with Debbie
    Ife lives with husband Pablo, who believe that their children should be bought up strictly and take part in keeping the house clean, they have gotten rid of some of lifes 'distractions' like the TV. Whilst Debbie who lives with her husband Jeff, has a house which has no rules, because they believe life is all about having fun. Debbie does all the work in the Wilkinson household, enabling Jeff to take part in his comedy band.moreless
  • Susan swaps with Debbie
    Susan lives a freegan lifestyle with her husband Roland. They live in a camper van, with son Danny. Their lifestyle means that they live off of other peoples waste, as such spend their time bin raiding and not working to earn money. Debbie lives with self made millionaire husband Nick, with their four children, Debbie doesn't work so Nick has to work 18 hour days to maintain the families £10,000 a month lifestyle.moreless
  • Anna swaps with Kara
    We join two families who've moved to Spain in hopes of a better life. Anna and her husband Chris, live in a five bedroom villa, with a pool and staff looking after the house. Whilst Kara who lives with her husband Dan, live on a boat. Anna has to go against everything she believes in as she starts having to fend for the family, whilst Kara is left to live a life of consumerism, with a weekly six figure Euro shopping budget.moreless