Wife Swap

Season 6 Episode 18

Avery-Lamb / Martin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2013 on ABC

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  • Feeling sad for Cindy's family

    As I started watching I was with Cindy at the beginning. Kids needs rules and parents need to school their children. To think someone can survive in today's world without having any schooling is ludacris. She said "Why would you have children if you didn't want to be a parent?" However, as I continued to watch and see how caring Dayna was towards the children and how much of a bully Cindy was towards everyone, the other family as well as her own, I say that Dayna's heart was in the right place and Cindy's was not. Cindy shouldn't have had kids if she clearly did not want to be parent. Not giving a 17 year old a chance to make he own choices and learn from reasonable mistakes that a 17 year old makes of allowing them to spend time with friends and grow healthy relationships, is not being a responsible parent. What happens when he goes to college and goes from a domineering household to almost completely on his own? I started the show thinking that both families could learn a lot from each other and realize that somewhere in the middle is the right place to be. I was very sad to see that that is not what happened. Had Cindy been able to sit down as an adult and have a true heart to heart conversation, that might have happened. However, she chose to throw a fit like a child. Neither family was able to take their experience and learn from it.
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