Wife Swap

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on ABC
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A super organized mom from California swaps places with a pirate mom from Oregon.
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  • I think this episode was interesting and kept its strangeness.

    Alright I think this episode is an ordinary yet unique wife swap. Now with the review on the families I'll start with the Baur family. Now these guys I do like their sense of fun and imagination but for real they need a real taste in reality. I mean it's great to have fun and adventure but to make it your life? Jesus that's too insane to believe. If these guys were to have moved into my neighborhood there would be a petition/protest to get them to leave. But bet it wouldn't do any effect on them seeing how their attitude is. As for the kids in this family...I'll feel a bit bad because I'm sure they'll go out into the real world and wont really find it as simple as their parents made it seem. Now for the Fine family well clearly they've got an OCD problem. I'm not saying it's too huge of a bad thing but they should cool it down a bit. I mean labeling a few things like the binders I saw isn't too bad of an idea cause I mean I can understand that they don't want to get mixed up but my god for the freezer and dresser and like dining utensils to have been labeled that was like...uh...weird. I got really annoyed with Ashley, the daughter. She cried too easily. Like when Lori Baur commented on cleaning the floor "Like a slave" she took it too extreme and cried cause she was thought to have been called a slave. First of all Ash, she said LIKE a slave and didn't directly say "Your parents treat you like a slave." You shouldn't cry about it. Jeez get a grip. The actual episode itself I thought it was alright. Nothing really got me bored. Now there were some things that I was annoyed with however. Like the repetive repeat of "Piratitude" Like OMG stop saying that word, please. Also Ashley's attitude got on my nerves a little bit. Now honestly the biggest thing I did not like about this episode is the Fine son Brandon hardly got any time on the TV. He seemed like a nice kid. It said that the original premier was two hours and I don't know if that's different but I only saw it in one hour but really he deserved more. He only said a few things the whole time like in the beginning saying hi and another part after rule change and another random part and at the very end so that was like only 4 maybe 5 times in the whole hour he talked. Real shame it would of been nice to give him a little more time. But ABC and these shows are all about ratings and they came from the pirate family and the prissy Ashley. Well that's what I thought about this episode.moreless
  • Well, my review has something to do with more the children than the parents. Which directly reflects what the parents are like. Lets get to it.

    Well, the Fine family is more a bunch of people who can't stand critizism and have to live their lives to such a high standard, it affects the way they function in social spotlight. I can't understand this aspect but, I guess thats the way they perfer to live their lives. If they had changed this aspect they would be more towards a normal family rather than a family on the brink of crazy cult status. Fine family, hmm, easier to pick apart. Well, the girl is a total brat. That little girl cannot take a single bit of critizism. She cries when something doesn't go her way. She definately takes after the mother. She needs to get a backbone and learn to respect people older than herself. The father of this family definately doesn't wear the pants in this family. He re-inforces his daughter being a self righteous brat. The boy of this family is probably the high point of the whole thing. He may have a mouth on him but, at least he can stand up for himself in a way that doesn't make him look like he hasn't had a serious day of work in his life. He actually has some respect for other people and has a willingness to explore things that his narrowminded family would never touch on. The Baur family has a little bit to learn about the difference between reality and adventure novels. They have no willingness bring money in in a normal way. Its ok to have fun. but not as far as to leave your kids in a mess and close to the gutter. The mother has some things to learn about being mature. Other than that, she had somewhat of a good outlook on life. Hard to believe she would sit by and let her home go so unkempt. The father has definately lost his grip on reality. Quitting his job because he was bored and wished not to have a life of work? How does that work? Most sane people in this world believe that jobs create money for a household which, in turn, keeps the bills paid and the family fed. His outlook on his situation is so....out of whack, he doesn't even see where it will ultimately end. When people get to old to work usually the kids step up and help out. Thats where the next point comes in. Their kids will definately not be equipped to handle things in the real world. Pirates usually don't end up in a life of beauty. They constantly worry about the law and how they're going to make money for themselves. Modern day pirates is not a philosophy, its living below the poverty line. These kids are never going to be able to function in a normal world. They really need to take a look at the life their parents put on them and choose. Hopefully they choose a normal life.moreless

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