Wife Swap

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2008 on ABC
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A former pageant queen mom whose daughter is following in her footsteps swaps with a feminist mom who homeschools her kids and disapproves of makeup and beauty.
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  • Alicia Guastaferro (daughter) Update

    Former "Wife Swap" star Alicia Guastaferro (she's 20 years old) was just arrested for prostitution in New York.

    According to police, Guastaferro -- who appeared on "Swap" back in '08 -- was in a car with a 54-year-old lawyer who was arrested for DWI near Buffalo, NY on August 27. The lawyer was also busted for providing alcohol to a person under 21 (Alicia) and patronizing a prostitute (also Alicia). The lawyer has since denied any wrongdoing. According to reports, Alicia told police she's known the lawyer for 2 years ... and he usually pays her between $500 and $700 for sex.

    She is married, and her husband ain't one bit surprised by her antics. The husband -- a guy named Scott Kleveno - married Alicia last November in Niagara Falls, NY ... but the two separated a few months ago. According to Scott, Alicia worked as a dancer and had a bad habit of meeting up with male customers ... so he called it quits on the relationship and moved to Florida.

    Scott tells us, "With her not coming home on several occasions, the prostitution arrest is no surprise to me." Scott says Alicia and the 54-year-old lawyer she was allegedly caught in a car with this week have a long history to boot -- having met up several times over the course of Scott's marriage to her.

    FYI -- Guastaferro sued the people behind "Wife Swap" in 2010 ... claiming the show made her look like a "spoiled brat." The case is still ongoing.

  • It was hard to decide what to give this horrible episode. One family was the *worst* I have ever seen on Wife Swap, and that includes all of the worst families. The Gustaferros are made for each other!moreless

    I have never been so disgusted by a family as I was by the Guastaferro family. I wish I knew where they lived so I could report their child abuse to the local authorities. I'd like to know why their daughter is getting away with not doing her own projects and homework. Her ignorance was reflected when she could not spell the word "America" nor on another occasion could she read the word "crutches." Appalling!! Child abuse! Both Guastaferro parents had no respect for education. I was thoroughly disgusted by the foul mouthes of Mr. Nd Mrs. Guastaferro, which was then reflected in their daughter's foul mouth once in a while. I was appalled by the bully Mr. Guastaferro and by his atrocious behavior to his temporary "wife." I LOVED the notion of the spoiled little princess having a temporary job as a waitress. But of course, she could not handle it. She ran crying to daddy, who was horrified by the so-called "abuse" of his daughter having to lift a finger. So,who did daddy support? -- his spoiled little princess, of course! And then Mr. Guastaferro abused his temporary "wife" who was trying to teach his daughter a life skill. Mrs. Gustaferro was just incredibly ignorant and boorish when she criticized the oldest Boss daughter for being academically inclined and for not wanting to participate in a beauty pageant! She actually criticized the girl for this!!! I could go on and on about this rigid, cheating, horrible, terrible, no-good, very UGLY family, but I won't.

    As for the Boss family, Mrs. Boss should not have embarrassed her husband on television as she did by saying that she wore the pants in the family. Wrong! Also, the girls do need to be exposed to other children and make friends elsewhere. They are too sheltered. In spite of that, this family is much more normal and flexible. They were more open to learning, as evidenced by allowing their middle daughter to expand her horizons.moreless
  • You have one normal (for the most part) family on one side & a completely whacked family on the other & what do you get? Irritation.

    I'm reviewing for one reason only - to express my disgust for the Guastaferro parents. I simply cannot comprehend how any parent can entertain the thought of doing their child's homework for them. It is completely abusive and irresponsible to raise a child without the tiniest notion of how to live independantly and how to treat others, especially adults. It's like they have a puppy! What happens should this girl fail at this beauty pageant junk? What is left? Nothing, and she can thank her parents for that. The most disturbing thing is what this girl said at the end of the show... "I'm going to Junior Prom and I'm only a Freshman, so props to me"... Maybe she should have just come out & said: "I'm going to be pregnant by 15, so props to me".

    The Boss family, aside from what I see as a normal father with beautiful daughters freaking out a bit, they seem to really be incorporating a healthy upbringing in their childrens lives. They also seemed worlds more open to suggestion, even from the crazy family. This is a great example of a good-guy, bad guy show.moreless
  • Confirms what I've always known - - people from New York are aliens.

    While I thought the Quaker minister was a bit stilted at first, I could respect her decision to raise her girls as feminists. They were obviously very good girls with a strong sense of family and a respect for education. The husband did come off as a big of a wimp at first, but he certainly stood up to the idiot woman from New York when he needed to. They actually took something from the experience and were flexible enough to change their attitude toward their younger daughter's need to be "girly".

    As far as the pageant queen family . . . who are these people!!! I cannot believe how warped this young girl's life has become. Her father is so rude I just wanted to reach through the tube and choke him. Their daughter has no sense of reality. She lives in a dream Barbie world and her only recourse is to marry very well . . . but even that will be tragic because I don't know any men who would put up with that much of a princess. She's cute, but she's not stunning. It was so disheartening to see her actually respond to Angie's lessons about cooking a meal and then see her father comdemn her efforts. And then, there is the year-round Christmas tree thing . . . crazy! This is emotional child abuse as tragic as physical abuse.moreless
  • That poor girl!

    In this episode a pageant girl with a low IQ learns something thanks to a feminist mom, who shows her a new path in love and some unexpected talent, despite the sexist father who expects women to obey his command. Meanwhile, the pageant mom arrives at a feminist family with a bastard father, who tried to prevent any progress at all. For god's sake, he made a little girl cry! Do you call that a good father !? I didn't think so! Anyway, everyone learned something and it wasn't a bad episode. I still felt sorry for the daughters and I blame the fathers!moreless

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