Wife Swap

Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2009 on ABC

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  • My favorite episode ever

    This episode was downright halarious! I always try to find the re-runs on this episode but they don't play it... The diffrence between the 2 family's is crazy but I think they both took things from the experience, they both were pretty funny, she was trying to enforce her rules and he just didn't give a kept doing his own thing, she is a pretty horrible it was funny how Steve was pushing her to her limits. I hope some of it was acting and she really isn't that bad of a person? Wishfull thinking maybe??
  • Showed the real difference between rich and poor people

    and the problem with our nation.

    What the Padovan-Hickman's were doing should be a role model. If we had more people conserving resources and buying just what they need,and spending quality time with their spouse and family, working hard and treating others with respect, America wouldn't have the problems it does. There is Shannon buying many things she doesn't need, $20,000/yr just for one child's clothing, tens of thousands for her body and makeup, and she ignores her kids - so self-absorbed. I loved DeLaura - what a wife and mother role model.

    DeLaura was always kind - no matter what was said; her husband was a saint having to put up with those horrible comments from Shannon. I haven't seen the end yet, but I am hoping Shannon's husband wises up.

    Shannon is definitely the ugly American.

  • Shannon Nichole no place in Heavan for you

    Shannon is exactly the opposite of a good person. She is the most shallow person with zero understanding of what "real" ugly is. She is ugly outside! She is really UGLY inside. I would hate to wake up next to the painted face imprint left on the pillow. The reason she takes 2 hours to get ready is because she NEEDS 2 hours to not look so ugly. She is so ugly on all sides, her comments are truly about herself. In fact, I believe the other woman in the show is much more physically attractive, but also, much more of a Christian, then Nic-hole. She is such a PIG of a person.

    The SHOW was good in that her husband realized what a PIG she is and actually determined he had a voice in life.
  • Shannon Nicole said the other family where poor and had nothing???

    Wow Shannon Nicole! you seem ungrateful for all of your blessings, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. Id rather live like the family in the cabin then like Shannon. btw they have alot to be thankful for... two wonderful girls, health, Food in their bellys, clothes to dress them, a house to shelter them. they are not hungry,cold,sick or homeless, so they have a lot to be thankful for Shannon Nicole!!!
  • Spoild Brat

    Shannon Nicole needs to be turn over a knee and spanked until she can learn some maners. She was a spoild brat. Good for her I was not there she would not be able to sit down for a week!!!
  • Woman Is A Disgrace to Females

    Wow is all I can say! Yes I can appreciate things, but know one is EVER below me; they have their priorities all out of whack...and that's what they are...whack!

    Pretty is as Pretty does is something my mother taught me as well, and this female is an Ugly person inside...If we are lucky...maybe she and her husband will lose-it-all, and only then, would they maybe appreciate having a roof over their heads and food to eat. I also feel badly for those kids....
  • What a spoiled brat.

    I loved this episode,but Nicole(I think that was her name) was a spoiled brat.She critized everything!She called that poor family losers because they get their clothes from a thrift shop and live in a cabin with no electricity and live simply and said they had no class.Well,while I did'nt agree with their hygeine habits,I think that coming to someone's house and calling them losers because they don't have as much is not classy.What's wrong with buying clothes from a thrift shop?I do it,sometimes.What's wrong with growing your own food and making quilts and candles?Who are they hurting with their lifestyle?
  • Pretty Is, As Pretty Does...

    What a hateful person Shannon Nicole is. Calling people "losers" because they have less money than she does was just one of the ugly remarks spewing from her mouth. The biggest irony has to be that this self absorbed, plastic woman who focuses on solely on her appearance, looks like a Drag Queen!
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