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Wife Swap

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A karaoke-singing mom from Maine trades places with an amateur-kickboxing mom from Colorado.
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  • Where is CPS!? Heartbreaking to watch such horrible parents!

    I couldn't sleep after watching this! This poor 10 year old child had to take care of himself, feeding and putting himself to bed while home alone (his parents out to dinner). It was truly heartbreaking! Someone find him a good home please! I wanted to cry watching him. His parents were more concerned with their parrot and karate than their child. I have a 9 year old and I do give him a lot of responsibility - he has chores and gets himself ready in the mornings, he's even fixed himself lunch a few times but I would never ever leave him home alone, this poor boy looked like he needed and wanted attention! And then he cried when he was concerned of his Dad being upset - nobody cares about him but he cares for them! it's so so sad! Isn't it against the law to leave children that young home alone!?moreless
  • Please help this child, this is heartbreaking

    The Martinez family needs to be turned in to social services and get help with parenting. This little boy broke my heart eating dinner alone and getting up alone. The parents cleary gave more attention to the bird. I am a nurse that teaches parenting classes. I was in shock, that this was on tv. The little boy got a rash which could have been dangerous and they put him in the office. I still can't believe this was on tv. I hope abc or some agency in the area will intervene and help this child before he grows up with serious problems. This is how people grow up to shoot people at colleges ex: they are never shown affection!

    I just wanted to hug this child. This is the first time I have ever responded to anything on tv. I thougth it was just terrible. If they do not want this child there are plenty of good homes out there. Please send me an email and tell this show was fixed.moreless
  • That young boy shouldn't have those parents!

    I feel really bad for that boy that had parents who cared nothing about him at all. All they cared about was the parrot as well as the karate thing. But sadly, they didn't care about him as I think that when he grows up one day, he will do the same as you know, what goes around comes around. The other family was ok though they did spoil their children and that they didn't spend quality time together as husband and wife. But I prefer them over the kickboxing family anyday at anytime. Really sad episode as you feel for that boy!moreless

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