Wife Swap

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 2010 on ABC

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  • I love the Flannagins!

    Seriously, why would you have a perfectly attractive man shave his head and beard etc just because your own husband has a cue ball? Personally, I thought he was more attractive to begin with and even if his wife wasn't quite as skinny as the other she was much more pretty and more personable. The skinny wife complained that the 1840's husband never said anything, but her own husband never shut up and never had anything worthwhile to say in the first place. Actually it's pretty cool that the Flannagin husband had a real job to support his family while the other scooped dog doo which my own husband does as a daily chore which takes like 5 minutes. My husband has a real job and still can scoop dog doo, but if he didn't want to, our kids could do it. Seriously how proud could he be no matter what he USED to do to support his family. Call me a little old fashioned but it's pretty sad to have a sugar mama. I come from the midwest with a 3rd generation farmer stepfather, a mother who is a social worker in a local middleschool and who also teaches social work at the state collage in my town, while my own father has run different factories and is a totally lovable redneck. My husband is English, was born in Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe), grew up in Kent in the UK and has parents who have retired to France. My sister-in-law lives in London and is an Opera Singer. Talk about cultural differences! I appreciate what everyone has to bring to the table and feel that my children are very lucky and will have many opportunities for cultural advancement because of all of the families they have been born into. I've watched this show since the beginning and for some reason this one just got to me. I really don't feel like the Flannagin's were that far out based on a hobby they have. They still live in the real world and they work very hard. It's not the life I have but I can respect them, which I cannot say about the Logans. I'm not saying anything horrible about their family either except that they have NO understanding of people that don't live like them. My family and I live nothing like any of our three parental families, but we take the best from each and make our own way.