Wife Swap

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2006 on ABC
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An iron-fist mom swaps places with an easygoing mother.
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  • The Christian family needs to give their children more freedom. The ohter family allowed too much freedom.

    I really enjoyed this episdoe but the families both have issues. The Christian family needs to give their children more freedom. If their kid has a drivers liscence, he should be allowed to drive himself to school. The ohter family allowed too much freedom. The other mother just ignored her youngest girl which made me sad, and was not aware of what her oldest girl was doing. I liked the ending though. The families both learned something. The Christain family gave their kids more freedom, and the little girl in the west family started to form a better relationship with her mother. They both learned alot from each other.moreless
  • For this scripted show! It was quite entertaining to go in and see the lives of two wacky completely opposite families! That battle each other out, having the moms go in for the “kill” =)moreless

    I actually enjoyed this episode of wife swap! I liked the first family’s house. I thought they had a really nice house and they are a very oragnized family, which is something my family is a little bit like that. We are not christian but we are also religious. I liked how each mom went into the houses and tried to give a little of themselves when they left. The bad thing about this show is the fact that both moms of wife Swap come in and bug and try to change their ways of life. For one thing, I think this whole show is scripted, but at least the first family (the grimes) were organized and even if they were strict, they were bringing up their kids with good values. The other family just let the kids run wild that when they discovered the 20 year old does “soft porn on the internet” they shouldn’t have been so shock to find that out! …However, I agree that giving your kids a little more freedom, but really, the other family looked messed up and disorganized!moreless
  • These two families both has some issues but one in particular really has some issues. One family is basically the Christian family and the other family is a very unstructured family.moreless

    I really think that these were two families who needed a little bit of each other. The really strict Christian family were okay except for the fact that the father has raised his son to believe that the woman is meant to stay at home and everything was a little bit too control by their parents, since personally I believe children need a little room to breath. The other family was too unorganized or unstructured within their family. The parents were not really conscious of what some of their children were doing on the internet and some of the children were ignored, and then others were too lazy. As a result of the switch I believe, each family took a little bit of each other's advice, but of course nothing is perfect. Even though the Christian family understand that their kids needed more space, their attitudes can sometimes come off as being very rude. As for the unorganized family, I think they came to realize that they need to watch over their children more closely, especially, their older child was a proclaim "groupie" and their youngest girl who inadvertently sometimes ends up on her own. Both families still need work, but overall, I believe it was a good exchange. I personally believe that the episode got such a low rating because of the behavior of the oldest child in the unorganized family and mother's response to that particular issue, but I was really unaware of whether she knew to what extent her oldest daughter issues went, but I do believe that particular child needs more guidance even though she's over 18. I think it was good episode. I don't believe in giving the episode a low rating when it could have very well open the eyes of somebody else watching.moreless
  • the grimes/west family......Oh boy. Moley Moley Moley. haha

    I couldn't believe how crazy the grimes family was. The "brain"????? haha I laughed when it was burned! The best part was how the boy cried. What else I didn't understand was how the girl reieved a set of drums and then her mother was so excited for her to play them but later on she;s sitting there putting them away. If that was such a good happy experience why would her mother make her put them away. I don't know these families were so oppisite. I don't agree with either of them. I feel I am more in the middle between the both. I feel they need structure and guidance but their freedom too.moreless
  • Bottom of the barrel indeed

    This was not one of the good shows that

    Wife Swap has ever, ever, done

    Poor kids having to live with a rich snobby of a wife

    As well as a dad who also is a perfectionist

    Felt bad for the dad rocker who has to work

    Four jobs! Hey I can only manage one!

    Poor guy! Tattoo mother though I wouldn't agree

    With the tattoos that she wears a lot

    Is a lot more loving and caring IMO!moreless

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