Wife Swap

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Disgusting,moronic Iowa family!

    That's about all I'm going to say,because everyone already pretty much said what I've been thinking about those idiots and I'm not going to repeat anything that was said.All I'm going to say is that this whole family's attitude about pretty much everything irratated me almost as much as that Shannon Nicole b*tch in that episode about the cabin family that lived like pioneers.
  • Watching the Iowa family and their "lifestyle" was very disturbing.

    It's hard to imagine that this family can survive eating raw meat in a house that harbors bacteria. How hard is it for the family to realize that yes, some bacteria is good for you, but most you don't want? Raw chicken has salmonella which is clearly not our friend. Salmonella causes disease in humans and animals and infects over 40,000 people and kills over 600 people a year. Don't they care about how their food tastes? Perhaps all that "friendly" bacteria from the plaque on their teeth clouds their tastebuds, not to mention causes gingivitis. Can't they find organic toothpaste at their grocery store?
  • Ballet of the Deranged

    Are the Haigwoods for real?

    I imagine so, I have met folks just like them. Watching this episode was almost like a reunion of sorts for me.

    Old man Haigwood seemed to be an unhinged loon, a characteristic that he has passed down to his son the aspiring pilot. The female-like other Haigwood was a missionary for the brilliant dietary habit of eating raw meat (rancid or otherwise) and brushing teeth with unprocessed butter and clay (yes, CLAY) all while beaming... showing off a set of inflamed gums that looked just about ready to shoot her teeth forcefully from her mouth.

    Of course, the poor woman who was dumped into this nut house had no chance... no chance at all. After a week of being nagged to eat lumps of rotten cow and chicken flesh, Mrs. Webb commits the cardinal sin of bringing the ever-nutty Haigwoods out to a barbecue joint. Soon after, they all fall ill... except for the poor Webb woman, who actually eats food that's supposed to be food and is accustomed to it(as opposed to the maggot bait the Haigwoods devour).

    So the Haigwoods get a grease overload and pretend to be sick to their stomachs (as witnessed by the barf bowl laying alongside the ailing Haigwood daughter). Old man Haigwood thinks that he just shortened the lives of his kids by letting them eat processed food, and collapses on the bathroom floor in a sobbing heap. Old man Haigwood, what have you done??

    Old Man Haigwood loves to sing the praises of drinking raw eggs and eating cadaverous flesh. "My hair is growing back!" he claims while bowing his head, showing off three renegade strands of hair that have pushed up randomly through his scalp. Mrs Haigwood brings her Iowa carnival on the road and into the home of some poor fashion consultant from California. They endure mock emergency drills where they crawl under a bench in the basement and cry for help. Mrs Haigwood is so adamant to sell her "germs are good" snake oil that she licks the kitchen floor (uncleaned for a week, thanks to Mrs Haigwood), convinces the youngest boy to eat a slab of raw chicken on some sort of leaf, and nearly slits the throat of a barnyard animal in front of the children to "show them where their food comes from". Wisely, Mr. Webb takes the children and makes a hasty exit, leaving the Haigwood woman with the now relieved chicken in her hands as he drives away.

    Meanwhile, the Haigwood children go uneducated, believing the tripe that their father tells them that "if germs are bad, why would God put them here"? and echo it back like the steepest wall of the Grand Canyon. I imagine that they are here to weed out the gene pool of people that think bacteria-ridden raw meat is somehow healthy. Germs are all good? Tell that to the victims of the black plague.

    Boy Haigwood is just a regular bundle of fun. When confronted in any way, he "whispers so he doesn't shout" as his body shakes and rocks back and forth (an aside- a zoo animal will sometimes do that too). As Mrs Webb was leaving, Boy Haigwood explodes at her like a ripe pimple... all over a slight disagreement. I'd have to see how he behaves at the DMV.

    Mr Webb tells Mrs. Haigwood (on her diet advice) "Why would I listen to anyone who looks like you?" Instead of being insulted like the mentally functional people on this Earth, a lightbulb goes off in Mrs. Haigwood's head. "That's it! I could sell this raw meat diet if I were PRETTY!!", she thinks. At the end of the show, Mrs Haigwood shows up at her Iowa home dressed to the nines, certainly ready to pitch the raw meat diet to anyone dumb enough to listen or those physically unable to get away from her.

    I liked this episode, and feel very guilty about it. If they weren't on the television, these yahoos would never be allowed into my home. These are the type of people who would be chased away from any other home by way of shotgun.
  • This episode sickened my family!

    I love Wife Swap but this episode really sickened My whole family as we watched this. As one family
    Ate raw food and everything was so raw. I felt so sorry
    For those kids that they didn't have a say in how they
    Should eat. I kind of liked the second family though despite keeping up appearences. Still, thankfully that the people of Iowa aren't like the first family. Very saddened and painful to watch!
  • What!I am from Iowa and as I watched this show, I kept thinking where did they get these freeks. We did not live like that. Instead a nice cooked steak!Then the next day I find out these freaks live 6 miles from my home town not 90 miles from a town.

    I felt sorrow for that poor lady from California. I heard she refused to live in that house and they had a trailer brought in for her to stay. Can't say I blame her. From what I saw and what I have read and heard, it sounds like a bunch of balony. I eat at the bar they ate at every time I go back and it is great. Keep those freeks on the farm, where did they come from?!?!
  • I live about 30 minutes away from the Iowa couple and I can tell you that not all Iowans live that way. It made me sick just to watch the episode.

    There is no way I would let my children eat the raw meat and eggs. That is disgusting and I believe not healthy for you. Did you have a look at her gums? The butter toothpaste isn't working very well. I thought that a child had to be enrolled either in the public school system or by homeschool...either way they would be learning something other than counting eggs. I believe that those children are missing out on many opportunities that are out in the real world and aren't going to have a chance to experience them. Iowa may not have designer fashion magnets, but we do have our standards. My daughter is very picky on what she wears and how she looks. Furthermore, the cleanliness of their home made me want to gag....my family wouldn't have been able to stand walking around in a house like that. It really grossed me out when she licked the floor of the other home. What is this world coming too?
  • A mother who feeds her familly a raw meat diet and a suburban mother change places for two weeks. The Iowa mom believes germs are good and keeps her home loaded with germs. The San Francisco mom is the a-typical clean home, clean kids, clean lifestyle.

    This was a hard episode to watch because of the Iowa family. I have never known people to live exclusively on raw meat products. . especially raw meat that is 4 months old! And to keep ones' home filthy to encourage germs because they are 'good for you' was just too much. Once I visited relatives when I was ten and one day I accidentally saw my great-uncle kill a chicken. That night the chicken was on the dinner table and I wouldn't touch it. When you grow up and buy your meat already packaged, that is what you are use to. But those kids are never going to know any other kind of living. And something should be done about the fact that they are not attending school. How are they going to learn to interact with their peers? I never saw or heard of any friends. They are 90 miles from the nearest city. That kind of isolation is too much for me. I need people around me; I need to see and experience LIFE!
  • Where was Social Service at in Iowa??

    How can those Kids live in that Pig Stye?? Those kids being made to eat Raw and Spoiled Meat is inhumane!!! Why does Social service not come in and take those kids away before they do end up dyeing from there Diet. I believe at times that the Famlies are put up to some of the Crazy Behavior. The Redneck Daddy crying and falling down in the bathroom and the Freaky Kid drinking Raw egg to calm down Get Real. But I do hope to hear Social Services removes the kids from the home and fast!!!!
  • I thought that there were laws in the United States to protect children from this type of treatment.

    For the record, I don't watch much TV but stumbled across this last night and saw only about the first half. That was enough to motivate me to write.

    As I sat watching the Haigwood's daily regime described, I felt many strong emotions ranging from sadness and pity, to anger, indignation, and nausea. I find it difficult to believe that this family is from Iowa, a state that is historically high ranking in standards of education and test scores, as well as moral behavior. I am angry that the Haigwood family was chosen at all, as they are no where near typical of any farm family, or any family that could be described as normal in even the broadest sense. Why not just go find a family of Skinheads, Satanists, or bigamist Mormons? I am disgusted that our society has come to accept this as entertainment. "Reality TV" indeed! This is not real. It is sick and perverted behavior, and bordering on child abuse on top of it! What type of future can these children ever expect to have? Only those few that follow the same ignorant lifestyle and beliefs would ever be accepting of a misdirected and uneducated young person such as they will grow into. How terribly, terribly sad.

    Instead of signing this family up for the show, the producers should have signed them up for therapy. C'mon television networks, can't you produce something of real value anymore? This is just sensationalizing and attempting to profit from the saddest and most misdirected sampling of humanity. You should be prosecuted as an accessory to this crime. I'd score this a minus 10 if I could.
  • A good show, but how come rural people always come off as crazier than the urbanites? Not everyone who lives in the country is a anti-education survivalist nut. Some of us even keep our house relatively clean.

    Maybe the Haigwoods and the Hesses could have found some common ground if they had gone to a few Sushi restaurants. Perhaps an oyster bar.

    I suspect the reason the Haigwoods felt better on their diet was that they were eating fresh veggies, no fried food or processed starches, not because the meat was raw. There's probably nothing wrong with eating fresh raw meat or milk*IF* you are 100% sure its not contaminated with pathogenic bacteria like salmonella, Ecoli 0157, B. cereus, C.perfringins,listeria,brucella and others.

    But that "high meat" they were eating -3 mo old meat in a sealed jar- is the perfect enviroment for Clostridium botulinum which can be deadly. That is truly playing Russian roulette, from a microbiological point of view.

    The Haigwoods' belief that all bacteria are good is as wrong as the Hess's view that bacteria are all bad and that you should use any chemical means to get rid of them.
  • How in the world can someone think that being uneducated is a good thing?

    Poor kids. Yes they can run a farm, but they can't function out in the world. They even had trouble communicating. The son wants to learn how to fly. Since the mother insists on unschooling the kids, if they have no basic foundation of test taking, reasoning, and coping skills, how is the son supposed to pass the written and oral exams to get his pilot license? I feel so bad for him since it sounds like he has a passion for something. The parents think they're doing what is best, but they're setting their kids up to fail later in life. Even the Amish go to school! I respect the Amish. I think it's an interesting way to live.

    But this family has got it backwards. I think the mother said she wasn't educated. It shows with her comment about her kids not drinking water or not drinking a lot of it because it dehydrates the body. Now someone please tell me where in life water dehydrates the body??!! The human body is made up of mostly water. I even learned that in grade school! And this raw meat diet they're on...I'm surprised they haven't gotten e-coil, listeria, salmonella, or some other problem. From what they said they don't wash their hands, so when the mother slaughters the animals, she can so easily contaminate anything and probably already has. In small kids and the elderly e-coli (a certain strain of it) is deadly. It only takes once for the family to lose a loved one and be real sorry they even starting it. The wife said the husband started the whole thing. Now if he had an ounce of common sense, he would have researched it and found out the pros and cons of eating raw meat, raw eggs, and unpasteurized milk the way they are. I have not found any pros. They complained that they didn't feel good after eating burgers and fries. Now any smart person would know that after not having any fried foods for a year and all of a sudden you scarf down grease, you're not going to feel good later. Common sense!

    And I was yelling back at the tv when the wife of the raw diet family tried to force the father of the other family to kill the chicken in front of his children. You don't subject young children to that...especially children who have never experienced it before and who most likely could not wrap their minds around the act. Most people don't even want to see that! She was obviously pushing her way of life on them and not thinking about how traumatized everyone else would be. The whole family is a mess. But I guess since she said she's uneducated, she doesn't see why her kids need to be educated since she's doing just fine. I can tell you right now that's not what the kids really want.
  • Crazy!! I feel very sorry for those childern!! what a life

    The parents from the farm need to go to jail. That is child abuse; the flit alone is enough to have their children taking away. I grew up on a farm the only things I remember my parents buying was canning jars for The winter, Oh and if it was on sale can goods. BUT our house was spotless all the time. I believe in preparing but, come on them people are just down right crazy! And need a wake up call, caveman ate raw meat, but they didn’t live a long life either because of there diets!!! And I do believe that back in the caveman days they had a LOT LESS germs and such... Those people give farming a bad name! Those people are sick,,
  • A sad story of child abuse.

    I have never written a review of a program. However, after watching this program last night, I was so sadden for the kids who had no education, and had to eat raw food. It was a case of child's abuse. These parents have a cult and have destroyed their children's lives. I hope that the authorities can help the children but it seems that they are so brainwashed that it will be difficult to help them. The other episodes have been enjoyable and it seems that everyone learns from another extreme. This program kept me up last night and it seems like it exploited these poor children. However, if they can get help, maybe it was worth it.
  • In a world where higher education is available to anyone and everyone, stupid people still exist.

    This episode was neither edifying nor entertaining; it was downright stupid. I absolutely cannot believe there are people like the Haiggs in this world, and if I had come across them in the screening process for the show, I would have been inclined to call Iowa child-protective services. To believe that raw meat is good for your body is heinous. Raw food products, especially meat, eggs, and dairy, have toxins in them that can kill you: Salmonella, E coli, and numerous others. They're lucky they haven't become seriously ill or died from maintaining such a diet. But this is not a case where, "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger." I think the claim that they had less energy and felt their health draining after eating cooked foods was simply the placebo effect, where they were in such denial that their diet was wrong they convinced themselves that eating anything else would make them sick. Everyone knows there are benefits to eating raw fruits and vegetables, but consuming raw eggs and meat and unprocessed milk is taking it much too far. Don't even get me started on the idea that germs and bacteria are good for you. I can appreciate that they aren't as ridiculous as some germophobes, but people are not animals and are not meant to live in their own filth.

    What disturbed me the most, however, are the emotional and mental health of the children. Both the father and the son have some serious emotional issues, and they need professional help before one of them ends up in a belltower with a high-powered rifle. I couldn't believe the way they both overreacted to Mrs. Webb-Hess (if that was her name; I forget). I've never seen a man throw such a temper tantrum over something so small, and the boy was much too old to be acting that way. I have babies in my family who are better behaved. While Mrs. Haigg seems like a very nice lady, her family needs to deal with their issues before her children grow up even more emotionally, mentally, and socially underdeveloped than they already are. They need to go to school to get proper educations and socialize with kids their age instead of doing hard labor and being brainwashed every day. I feel upset that this episode was even aired.
  • The reason this is a tearjerker is because of the way the Haigwoods reacted with eating cooked meat. The son and father were the worst, sobbing. Can anyone say crazy?

    This has to be the most bizarre episode that I have ever seen for this series. The Haigwood family think that not just raw meat is healthy, but old, old, old putrid "high meat" is a treat to eat. No fooling. They put raw meat in a jar and leave it in the jar for months before they eat it. They believe that all bacteria and germs are good. Mrs. Haigwood even licked the kitchen floor. The Haigwoods do not cook anything; they eat everything raw. They brush their teeth with butter and clay. Mrs. Haigwood's gums look appalling, and in a little bit of time her teeth will fall out because of her horrible gums. Hooray for Hess-Webb for saying that the way the children from the other family live is almost neglect. I would not say that it was "almost." It is neglect, and the Haigwoods should be reported to social services. This family is a cult unto itself. They are worse than wrong. I wonder if the father comes from in-breeding. The Hess-Webb family on the other hand love to eat out. The mom cleans and both Mom and Dad make sure that the children wash their hands and brush their teeth. Mr. Hess-Webb is a fashion coordinator. A great episode is when both families get something out of the swap. The Haigwoods got nothing out of the swap. The kids are too brain-washed, and Mom and Dad are (raw) nuts. The other family did keep up the garden and started looking at what they were eating.
  • Emotionally traumatizing to children who were put through emotional distress on camera. Wives and Husbands who went through a very distressing experience. There was nothing entertaining about this show.

    This show was emotionally distressing to EVEN to the viewers. There is nothing entertaining about Mrs. Haigwood, a woman who lives in a filthy home, whose husband appears to be emotionally unstable to the point of mental illness, utilizing their kids as slaves to run the farm, subjecting another woman to this unsanitary environment dangerous to her own health.

    The children of both families were very upset by what the swapped wives were inflicting upon them in their change of routine, food, and in their home. The adults who agreed to participate in this show, were obviously self-centered and completely disregarded how their children would feel.

    These families need to be screened much more carefully before being allowed to participate and the criteria needs to be set much differently for participation. The last two shows were like this, very distressing to watch, with very little good realized for the families going through the experience. The age of the children involved needs to be set higher to allow them to agree to the decision for two weeks of their lives being completely disrupted by sometimes, mentally and emotionally unstable individuals joining their lives.
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