Wife Swap

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on ABC
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  • I've seen only about 50% of the Wife Swap episodes, but last night's (Mar 16, 2007) featuring the Jeffrey and Greiner families, was my favorite. It's the first episode I've seen where both wives were kind and gracious.moreless

    The beauty queen mother didn't freak totally out and attack the other Mother's lifestyle when she walked in. Yet it had to be a total shock to her system, especially knowing she had to live there for a period of time. In TN, the alternate Mom was stoic (as much as possible anyway) and kind (ditto..as much as possible) when the TN Dad completely berated and humiliated her. I think the attitude of the eldest daughter in TN speaks volumes about her parents. The compassion she showed for her swapped Mom was learned from somewhere, and I'd say most likely her Mother. There were several examples of kindness, compassion, tactfulness, and generosity from all sides throughout the show. Even when all four parents sat down at the end, they took criticisms well (even the Dads) and showed appreciation for what they lelarned from each other. I admit that I missed parts of this episode, as I was watching my toddler grandsons for the night. Looking back, most of what I missed occurred in the household where the beauty queen was residing, so maybe I missed some really mean parts, but if I did, I'm glad because it was my favorite episode without the ugliness.moreless
  • I didn't really know how this one was going to end up, so that's why so many might've thought it was nerve racking including the actions of the Jeffrey's father.

    The Jeffrey is a cleaning/perfectionist family. The mother is a former beauty queen and currently a teacher and requires that her 3 girls are always pretty while her husband is a perfectionist especially with cleaning the house. The Greiners are a family who has pets and like to live comfortably plus they also home school their children. And explicitly state that they know its time to clean when somebody starts sneezing. Of course, these are the first differences the family knows about each other. As a teacher, the Jeffrey notices while home schooling the children that they are behind. They also have a problem with cleaniness. The children will play with poopy animals or rats and then start eating without washing their hands. There was even an instance where they drop something on the floor, and the girl just picked it up and kept eating. Plus the great thing about the Greiners is that they have a great bond with their children and just within the family and this is where the problem lies for the Jeffrey's. The Greiner mother notices that the parents buy a lot of things for the children and the family and believe that having friends is more so a priority than appreciating family. They just seem to be a colder family than the Greiner's. What the Jeffrey's mother gives to the Greiners is why cleaniness is important and attempts to place some type of structure in the house and actually agrees to help the father complete the handiwork around the house. Her biggest thing is she actually has to hire a plumber and a cleaning crew in order to get the house back to where it needs to be. What the Greiner's mother tries to teach is that family IS important and tries to plays the how much importance the Jeffrey's place on appearance, but the Jeffrey's Father is a real problem since he won't even allow the Greiner mother to finish and even upsets his own daughter with some of the things he says, but seems very unwilling to bend. The kids switch up as far as school goes. The Greiner kids experience public school and finds it tough, and the Jeffrey's kids experience home schooling which I must say is more so babysitting than anything because the way she is doing home schooling, those kids won't learn much. After the Jeffrey's children homeschooling, the father is fed up and has had it and has basically went back to what they were doing before. Greiner's mother revises her rules and apologizes for the way he acted. She basically tells the kids to do their part, if you drop it, then pick it up. One of Jeffrey's requirements is to speak with a communications specialist which helps, since he has a nagging and fussing problem. In the end, the Jeffrey's seem a lot closer and realize the importance of family and the Greiner's seem to have adjusted well to the "cleaning" changes, which were really needed. Tune in to see if what happens across the table. It was an interesting show to say the least.moreless
  • I thought this show was wierd, but great. The bad guy turned out to be the good guy and the good guy the bad.. you had to see it. the moms on the show were good ladies, and seemed to really care about each others kids. The husbands had issues.moreless

    I have seen the first years Wife Swap untill this espisode, and I have to say this one bothered me the most. The dad in Florida (Eric) seemed like the biggest a-hole on the planet, yet he had a great wife and 2 great step daughters. Jill and John from Arizona were depicted to be great parents despite the "death" affection to things. My opinion of the episode is this. The moms were great, but Eric and John were both 2 men who need to grow up.Both dads had good family values, but they were portrayed as "children" in thier own right.

    I hope they work it out.moreless
  • Haggarty kids need an attitude adjustment!

    I think that those Haggarty kids have no manners whatsoever

    And at times like these, I am glad that I am not their mother or I would take them out and beat the living daylights out of them.

    They don't care about how they act or what they do when in fact they should IMO!

    Maybe it is a good thing that I don't have kids!!
  • Incredible that family. From breaking dishes to throwing ketchup on people in restaurants, there was never a dull moment with the Hagerty family. They were rude, inconsiderate and on top of it all had no pride in themselves in the way they dressed and carmoreless

    Hagertys,let me get this straight. If your kids want to break things in public and do what they want,that's okay and the other people "can take a hike" as you so rudely put it. Were you brought up in the jungle? Let me tell you this...if you think you can let your kids do what they want,if I'd gotten ahold of both you and those monsters,I would have gotten you all in shape quickly. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Kids need DISCIPLINE!Otherwise, they'd already be working,running the country, teaching but they don't and that's what makes them kids!moreless

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