Wife Swap

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2005 on ABC
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A former soldier and owner of a boot camp style fitness center swaps places with a couch potato mother whose gym equipment has yet to be used.
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  • Mr. Blackburn you need to divorce your WIFE!

    I was disgusted watching this episode of wife swap, Mrs. Blackburn is a lazy sorry excuse of a mother and a wife and while we are at it person period. Mr. Johnson should have put her lazy lard butt out of his basically came to his house ate his food watched his cable and lounged for no ! She crushed her husbands dreams and will continue to because apparently he is a chump who is controlled by her.moreless
  • This one had me frustrated!

    I thought that I knew what would happen. The Johnsons would be snobby and condemning and the Blackburns would try to get them to loosen up and the Johnsons would impart some fitness tips. I was wrong!

    Mrs. Johnson was so nice! She really approached Mr. Blackburn with a sincere concern, and that concern wasn't about appearance. She didn't call him fat or lazy. She also wanted to improve ALL the areas of his life- his weight so that he would live longer (esp. with his family history), his relationship/life at home so that he had a voice, and reigniting *his* passion by getting him back in the DJ booth. She didn't appear to complain to him at al about the first week, she did it, saw what she wanted to change and then went to bring the good in there. I LOVED how happy the daughter was. And it was wonderful to see how she temporarily had gotten through to Mr. Blackburn and how his face absolutely lit up when he went on air.

    Mr. Johnson... ok... yes, he was "in your face", and he could have had a more gentle approach but... I do have to hand it to him, he stepped up to the plate in week 2. You see SO many of the husbands that have that "head of house" role being jerks and kicking and screaming and having to be practically

    dragged to the sink to wash dishes. You do have to give it to him that he manned up and did it all even with her sitting on her butt. I can totally understand his frustration. If he had been demanding that she be able to handle an entire hard core workout like his wife would do, then yes, that would be totally unreasonable. But seriously, if she isn't going to do any of the bootcamp stuff, then why couldn't she at *least* do the housework part and/or take his daughter to school? That is just wrong.

    I call bull on her "being sick". You can talk to the kids if you are sick, you can do something. Watch her cheerlead, show enthusiasm for the photo session. And if you are that sick that you can't do *anything* but watch TV, then you should call off the swap, especially if you are that sick for two weeks, because it should be something serious that you have you that sick for 2 weeks.

    I am *really* happy that Mr. Johnson did take something positive away with him. He didn't let the messenger get in the way of the message. He opened himself up to discovering that he did need to make some changes to improve his relationship with his wife and his daughter, which he did because he loves them. He didn't change his core values, but he gained a deeper appreciation for what he has and learned to slow down just a bit to enjoy that.

    I had REALLY hoped that Mr. Blackburn would have put his foot down, or at least that Mrs. Blackburn would see *something* positive. Why in the frick couldn't he stay DJing? Oh... that's right- then she couldn't control him and/or have him wait on her. :( And seriously, you don't have to like exercising, but try being more supportive of your husband. It is his LIFE that is on the line, it isn't about him having a 6-pack or muscles as big as his head. I don't understand how if someone *really* loved their spouse that they could just crush their spirit, and not support them going for their dream (esp. if it is realistic- he was offer a gig), and cheer them on with a goal that will help them stay around longer.

    Gee... I wonder why he didn't change (as Ms. Grumpypuss said)? Could it be that his motivation was zapped and his dreams crushed?

  • Tub of goo..

    Mrs. Blackburn is a great big selfish tub of goo who is delusional in thinking she does her part of household chores. She is as sloth as sloth gets (sorry sloths), I would agree that Johnson intimidated her because she knew she could not stand up to him and ran away whenever he had an accurate point. When pigs fly... if they could, Mrs. Blackburn could be seen far in the sky! Also, why does Mr. Blackburn look like Fatso from Creepshow 2?moreless
  • Blackburn Family...ugh!

    The woman (the blackburn one), the one who is overweight and rude was one of the most vile people I have ever seen in my life. She was lazy, rude, a liar, and just an overall selfish person. When she returned, I knew she was going to make her husband quit the radio job. he was actually a very nice man, she was awful. He really should put his foot down...life is too short to live like that.moreless
  • Are you kidding me? For one hour I sat watching a show that made me personally want to jump through the screen and kick someone's butt. I was personally affected by the lack of respect she gave to her family and to her host family.moreless

    All I can really say to sum this episode up is "disgusting"! Ms. Blackburn was the most overbearing, overweight, lazy, selffish NUT that I have seen in a long time. She did nothing to help, nothing to improve, nothing but complain and pretend like she was sick the entire time. Basically, she made a "HUGE" fool of herself on National Television. Mr. Blackburn, however, was a sweet and pleasant man who obviously is bullied by his couch-potatoe wife and needs to wake up and kick her to the curb. The Johnson's were right on target about everything!!!moreless

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