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  • Scarlett Jhonsson swap to chad wiggins Ryan reynolds from green lantern movie

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  • Really!

    I never knew there was a thing called un-schooling. It would be one thing if your still taking the time and putting in effort to teach your children something, but the Martin's were lazy. Children can absorb so much information and learn very quickly. The Martins obviously are the type of people that shouldn't breed, yet those kind always have tons of kids = the uncanny amount of idiots in the world. They are basically telling their kids that it's okay to never be able to get a good job, or learn more about the world by socializing and education. A thirteen year old is a child and it's a kind of neglect to let them do what they want without any of the knowledge to make an accurate decision. Letting his kid get a septum piercing is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. I bet if that boy wanted a wiener tattooed on his face, they would let him do that too. :)
  • this show is so awesome

    in the review i said it was a daily fix, i ment weekley (every friday at eight). the show is really cool. i like picking out my favorite family even if they both are evil. the episode with the clowns was just wierd. i have probably seen every episode except the last one (December 5, 2008) and would like to know what happened (hint-hint) i really liked the pirate one. did i mention that i REALLY want to know what happened on the last episode (send responses to screen name ninja422) well, now i dont know what to type any more oh WOHOO! 100 words finally!
  • two families get a new mom for two weeks..the first week the new moms live by the other mom's rules and the second week they make changes

    i completely love this show b/c i love seeing the contrast btw the two fams..they pick two fams that are extremely different most of the time so its like so entertaining really..i love it..i mean the families can be so outrageous and then the dad is usually the one against all the changes..i like how the audience gets to see what the rules were before rule change and then how the wife brings in what they do for their own fam into the new fam..its very interesting and conflicting..some are just super outrageous and im like oh no she didnt..but its very entertaining
  • Two families, one where the mom teaches her daughter that they can do anthing themselves and they don't need a man and the other family the have a child that they do everything for.

    I think this was really (like most shows) two families that are completely oposite. The beauty queen was given everything an d everything was done for her. She was able to do what she wanted when she wanted how she wanted. I think the wife swap was good for this girl who got a chance to learn to do things for themselves cause if at the age of 15 and she can't spell America or read the word 'crutches' that is really sad. It's good to know she is doing some of her work herself with the help of her daddy. Keep it up.
  • Two completely opposite wives trade places to learn about themselves, their families and to teach the other familys a lesson they'll never forget.

    This show is off the charts funny!! You see some of the worlds biggest wierdos on this show and you get to laugh at them...like the woman who only ate raw meat...You watch clean-freaks and the worlds biggest slobs switch places and try to survive in each others houses...most people eventually learn something in the end...usually. But it's still high comedy to watch the worlds craziest peolpe...if you ever think that your family is annyoying...think again! Anytime you need a laugh or a reason to like your family again watch Wife Swap...you'll be loving your family again in no time!
  • it is interesting how two families can be so different.

    i think it would interesting to be a part of wife swap. it would be kind of hard because it is just my mom and i, but i wonder what it would be like if i had a different mom. i love my mom and i would not want to have a different mom permanently, but it would be an eye opener. i love watching this show. it is amazing what you learn when you watch two moms switch families. it is interesting how the differences in discipline kind of mix together. i wonder what the families would be like a month later after wife swap.
  • I love how they swithc themothers away from their natural habitat. Please, read my review, it will be interesting.

    WifeSwap I think is much better that Meet your New spouse on FOX. Although we know that some of the situation is fake, the action makes it enjoyable. From the disagreements of the mother and family to the occasional brawls that are brought up, its both hilarious and informative. Also, I particulary like how they let the mothers create their own rules for the house, that really creates suspense. Well one thing I like about the show, there isn't as many commercials as FOX's meet your new spouse, and it is way ahead of its time, as there are plenty of families out there that will love to have the experience to work with another family while on one of the most wathced networks in the nation, and maybe even word.
  • Ever wonder JUST how crazy people are out there?

    Watching this show is like a sick experiment in psychology. The producers are TOP of the line and I would give my left arm to have them on my staff. They have a strange knack for finding the craziest nutcases in the US.

    Remember the "Sun Eating" lady!! Wow she should have her own show called "Reality Swap" she was straight institutional!! Even last week he had the tree hugging wacko and the Nazi swap places, love those fireworks!!

    Great producing goes a long way. Another guilty pleasure.

    Shane Jay Hayes
  • Pretty good

    I just watched the marathon a month ago and I new it was a good show. I like all da drama in the show and its really informative. ITs basically about well the wives in a family get switched and they have to stay at another wifes home for 2 weeks. The first week the wives have to live like the other wives does. The second week the wives get to make up rules for the family to follow. Thats when the show gets interesting.. heh heh
  • Man, this is a great show that shows us what happens in other families.

    It\\\'s pretty cool to see how one family mostly does this and how another does that. It\\\'s also amusing when the kids who barely work do with their original parents, can sometimes work their asses off. It also teaches us how we can be respo sible and to teach our kids how to behave.
  • i like the show.except for the downs family. i know very well.everything in her bio is totally false. they do not live that way.its all an act.for the cameras.how can you homeschool when you never finished seventh grade.the two older girls only two who we

    i think your show is very good but i think the contestants need to be honest to the public.if roz and her husband knew the downs real background they would be shocked. that they were allowed in thier home.everything in paula denise bio was all false.she was not very honest
  • i would love for them to do a update show where are they now ,what did they do with the money and have any of the couples ever got invovled and have any split up

    i really enjoy this show as it is different from most shows on the air, some weeks are better then others but all in all it is a good show my daughters and i enjoy watching it to together. i do have to admit i kind of enjoy it when they fight but i guess that most peple like it when they do too. i have wondered if there has ever been a show that you have taped but for one reason or another you chose not to air it.keep up the good work and keep trying some new ideas.
  • really changes the family for the better.

    This shows great! the show chooses total opposite family life styles and switches the mothers over. It always has a good outcome on the families, like it changes most of them for the better. And its really funny/ interesting watching the mums try to live in the other mothers life style, then when they get to change the rules.. well thats where the fun really starts. Most of the mums realise they dont spend enough time with their children or are to hard on them or dont appreciate their husbands and they always stop and actually think then change their families lives for the better. love this show with its sad funny exciting scary moments. lol its a good easy going show.
  • A reality show where two family and their wives switches places with another family.....

    An reality tv show.Where two wives from different familes switch places and live in an different family.Learning each other ways and their rules.Than they changed the rules around an bit and do the things that the family normally doesn't do on with their mother or wife does.But they must follow it.Even though that they don't liked it.Than in the end the two family meet and begin to dicuss their little visit...to be honest.I really liked this show.I mean to some it is not interesting but to others it is interesting.Its also an good way to changed some habits in the family.I do watch it.Whenever I can.....
  • I love this show, it gives such a meaning to the saying"the grass is always greener" I dont know how these people hold it together though, when no one seems to like the swapees, or the swapper.

    I love the richie rich women having to clean the bathroom. I love the moms with NO time for their "offspring" having to tend to anothers child. The lessons taught seem to really be the ones learned on this show. Not many times have I walked away thinking that it was a setup. The dirty house transformations are the best, because it is always a clean freak that gets sent to them. Then the poor women whose lives are spent cutting corners and coupons,HAVE to live in the lap of luxury for a few days, love it. The bickering is cool, but not the focus, which is refreshing. This is not Little house on the prairie type wholesome, but as close to it as you get these days in prime time.
  • good show.

    me and my mom watch it. I like that they make a family happier and more bonded. youre all focusing on the negative, not that they make a family happier and more bonded!!!!
  • In the abc series "Wife Swap", two different families trade wives for two weeks. This show is very similar to the FOX series "Trading Spouses" except the mothers stay for two weeks, they do not recieve money in the end, and this is more heavily narrated.

    Like "Trading Spouses", "Wife Swap" is usually a great television series, and one of my favorite things about shows like "Wife Swap" and "Trading Spouses" is that every episode is so different. Some are comical, some are insprirational, some have you at the edge of your seat, and some make you cry tears of joy. Of course, there is always the occasional episode that makes you angry or makes you cry tears of sorrow. Something that make me like "Wife Swap" more than "Trading Spouses" is the fact that "Wife Swap" is so heavily narrated, and whoever narrates it is so talented. He turns what would be an otherwise boring episode into a comedy. However, "Trading Spouses" has the twist that each family recieves $50,000, but that the new mom (or dad) will spend the money. Overall, I think that "Wife Swap" is a great show to watch when one is in the mood for some comedy.
  • Two families switch moms.

    This is a truly guilty pleasure. It is so much fun watching the madness ensue.

    Typically I see one family that is somewhat normal with a few problems, and they switch with a family that is extremely bizarre and way outside the norm. One episode featured a poor family that hunts to lessen their grocery bill and put food on the table. They switched with a family who are raw food vegans and the mom thinks you can get all the food you want by looking at the sun. Also I noticed that typically one family will refuse to comply with the new rules. As in the Vegan/meat eater family. The vegan mom refused to see the other side and then expected the family to follow her rules.

    But the insanity is always there. Right now there is an episode on where a mom who is more or less a slave to her husband and son switched places with a Wicca goddess whose family worships her. The Wicca kids talk to elves and fairies.
  • Fantastic... Funny... A Classic...

    Two completely opposite families switch wifes, husbands, homes, and kids for 2 weeks and see if their home is really as bad as they think it it is... See their time in the other families home and see what changes they make and the families reaction to the change. (Most of the time it's negative) When it's all said and done, do they like their life better or the life that they just had a glimpse of? Find out what they really thought, you will know when you see what changes the families made in their homes! A great show with lots of humor, fun, and lessons!
  • it is interesting how two families can be so different.

    I think it would be interesting to be a part of wife swap. It would be kind of hard because it is just my mom and I, but I wonder what it would be like if I had a different mom. I love my mom and I would not want to have a different mom permanently, but it would be an eye opener. I love watching this show. It is amazing what you learn when you watch two moms switch families. It is interesting how the differences in discipline kind of mix together. I wonder what the families would be like a month later after wife swap.
  • The people pick two familys that are exact opposite and switch wifes.

    Saythe was a neat freakfamily and a sloppy pack rat family. They would switch the wives. for the first week the switched wives would have to follow their new one week home rules. They even have to work the same job the other wife has to work. Then the second week the new wife gets to make the rules. she can change who does whatand how they do it. So the neat freak living in the pack rats house will probobly make them clean the house and throw away all toys and clothes that do not fit them or they are to big to play with. Then the pack rat living in the neat freaks house will probably make them relax more less cleaning let them keep things they don't fit in anymore and throw a big party.Then at the end the wives switch back and they have a meeting just the for adults and talk about they feel and what they changed to there houses. then they ask the people what they plan on changing in there lives to make the similarbut not the same.
  • It's a show to see how other families live and how they change in Wife Swap.

    A show about 2 different wifes trade lifes and families and force their life-style on their traded family. This show is very entertaining and fun, but very annoying. I hate when the "bad, strict, and unfair" wife make the other wife's innocent family follow her rules. Very confusing? I know. I watch this show whenever its on and I think its a amazing show! But, time to time it tend to be annoying but I watchi i anyway. Sometimes, I feel like i'm rooting for one mom than the other. All well, this show is weird!!!
  • Great show...but...some episodes are just plain DUMB!

    I think I actually watched "Trading Spouses" before this, but I like "Wife Swap" about 10 times better!

    The only thing I wonder is if the people are...faking! You know? I mean...the pirate people? "Piratitude"?
    Can these people be real? Are they only doing it so they will get on TV?

    I always think...could my family be on this show? But I come to the conclusion that my family is to "normal". We pretty much do nothing different like the people who bottle Deer Urine...that just weird! And some of these people I think, are these people CRAZY? Like the people who eat raw meat...that woman is seriously INSANE! "Water actually dehidrates you" load of CRAP! But all-in-all its a pretty good show!
  • love it!

    i used to think that this show was boring because they were all just staying in the tipton hotel and i thought that they never get out of there.but i was wrong because when i could not watch anything else,i decided to watch it anyway.i realized that i\'ve been ignoring such a funny fun show.zack and cody made me laugh with their crazy misadventures and antics inside the tipton hotel.now i realized that we should not believe our first impressions for they may be wrong..the suite life of zack and cody..such a great and fun show..take my word for it!
  • I loved the last episode: Schachtner / Martincak. I think the Martincaks received a gift with the visit from Patt. It is a pity they are too short-minded to even realize it. A message for the Martincaks father: for the sake of your own family, please gro

    I loved the last episode. I think the Martincaks received a gift with the visit from Patt. It is a pity they are too short-minded to even realize it. A message for the Martincaks father, for the sake of your own family, please grow up. You are an embarrasment as a father, as a husband, and as a man.
  • Wifeswap was fun and it certainly changed my life.

    MY name is michele from abc WIFESSWAP in Detroit we did the episode in 2005 from which I was the only single mom to do Wifeswap. I had achieved very much since the show I lost 120 pounds and been in College now for nursing. My daughters are getting ready to take college courses and are working and my youngest is in first year Jr. High doing awesome. The show was awesome if you could see our family now it would be shocking how much of a improvement. I still keep in touch with the bramhalls every now and then hes online and when I showed him pictures of me now because I lost 120 pounds he was like what a huge difference and it is I feel great and look great and continue to get an education along with my children also. Michele from Wifeswap
  • I love this show.

    This show picks two families that are two COMPLETE opposites of each other, and "swaps" the wives. The first week, the wife has to step into the former wife's shoes, and take on all of her responsibilities. The second week, the wives get to make their own rules for the household. This show is just so entertaining... you can always count on loads of drama whenever you watch this show. Even if the new wives seem to be getting along with the husbands at the end of the swap, once they have the across the table talk, things really heat up. And the families always make changes at the end, sometimes very small tweaks, and sometimes huge changes. I just love all the drama this show brings, it's very entertaining.
  • Sometimes I love this show Sometimes I hate it a lot

    Sometimes I love this show
    But other times I find myself hating it
    And also I just love to hate it
    Or just hate to love it
    Because of two different wives with two very different opinions
    And one can be just too extreme
    While the other can be just too traditional
    If you know what I mean
    But I just can't help but see two grown women
    Trade lives for the next two weeks
    They must abide by their new family's life for one week
    Then they take control the second week!
  • Better than most reality shows

    Wife Swap is definately better than most reality shows, (but I guess thats not a big accomplishment)

    Its not about a washed up celebrity trying to make a comeback or just trying to milk their tiny amount of fame, Its not a singing contest or is it set in a house or island.

    Its basically two wives who swap.

    Simple! Usually they both have completely different methods of parenting (e.g. Ones a harda** the other is lazy) and the wives have to put up with a family completely different from their own!

    Everyone involved is taken out of their comfort zone and its entertaining to watch while at the same time an imporant experience for everyone involved
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