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  • Last night's episode with the Bomanji family was not only insulting, but an insult to the people of this country.

    I watched Wife Swap as usual last night (a show I usually enjoy). Both my partner and I were absolutely appalled at the attitude of Mr Bomanji, the father. He on more than one occasion put down the British race. For an immigrant (which was mentioned), how dare he come to live in our country, and then continue to slag off the British people? His reason was we thought unreasonable towards the British, and we think you should have cut that insult out of the show. We personally would like an apology for this behaviour.... I look forward to your response.
  • Chasity little girl is a spoiled little BITC*

    This girl is completely Pathetic! That horrible attitude will get her no where in this world! She claims she is "grown" well we see she gets it from her mother which has the same attitude. That father needs to watch his show and see how his wife and daughter are pathetic.

    That girl Chasity has the worst attitude I have ever seen, I don't know how she can even have friends like that. I wanted to smack her the whole time of watching this show.

    Hopefully she watches how freaking dumb she acts.

    OMF, her dad gives her a hug and her reaction is " don't touch my hair" Her nose can't be in the air anymore, she acts like she is the QUEEN of the world and everyone, including her parents bow down HAHA. She will meet her maker one day and I see I could see it, because I really do not like how this thinks she is the boss. pay your own cell phone bill once, I bet that BITC* would think twice about a 300 phone bill. Her parents won't always be there to cater to her, and she acts like they will

    That BITC* needs to grow up!!!!!!
  • I feel sorry for the kids-ppl seem to forget

    These people are paid for this show, and the kids are the ones that seem to have the most drama put one them.

    tonight's show (4-11/2013) That very military style MOM, has no joy at all. I feel sorry for her, someday in the future when her kids have all run away from her, she will realize how much love she missed out on. She will see that being in CONTROL of everything does not always = happy.
  • more reality trash

    this show is one of the biggest pieces of crap to have come out in years. first of all the title is completly misleading. i am so sick of reality tv. if i were to produce this show, well let's put it this way, it would be really big with the biker crowd.
  • Terrible show about wives trying to force their life-style on another family.

    Why in the world is this show on the air??? It is horrible!!! A complete waste of TV space!!! I have tried to watch it multiple times but just cannot get through it! Why would anyone want to excange lives like that? It seems nothing good ever comes out of it. All I see is fighting and disagreements. If the families could acctually try to understand eachother it would be way better, but just trying to take over someone elses family and run their lives makes for a terrible show. I love shows that are positive like Supernanny...awesome show... way, way, way better than this junk.
  • Traumatize The Kids

    Ya know, I just had to chime in on this series.

    I took the time to watch it two weeks running to see what it was about. And I could not get through the second viewing. This series is just horrible. I understand it was meant to educate and inform stupid people on how “the other half lives”, but damn, folks…do we really need to traumatize little kids in the process? Does it really matter how people conduct their private lives? Does picking other people’s lives apart before millions really set a high entertainment level? Ah…. no, it doesn’t.

    Sorry folks, but this series is stupid and downright awful. I’ll rate this show a 1 only because the producers had the brass to get it past the Networks onto the air. Other than that…
  • Yet another stupid attempt at reality tv.

    Whoever would agree to be on this show is a complete idiot. It's a looooong hour of pure frustration. The rules and regulations that come along with the game of throwing a new woman into a home are cruel and unusual. It shocks me to see the complete opposites that the producers put in the same house. Is this show just a way for a woman to terrorize her family? Because it's horror for me to watch the families (especially the children) go through such punishments. I think this is a pathetic attempt to try to raise ratings on the network. For me, it has failed.
  • The Middle Ages

    I just started watching this show and the first episode I watch was about the family that lived according, mostly,to the culture back during the middle ages. The mom included "belly dancing" which was not back during that time. There was dancing but not bellying dancing. And the fact they sheltered their kids from any outside contact is just asking for disfunctional kids. There is nothing wrong with homeschooling but she take it to the extreme. Those kids will not know how to deal with the 'real world'. Nothing wrong with role playing but geeze, they take it to a whole new level. And the episode where the mom & dad had a lot of halloweenish decor was cool yet the 'other' mom had no right to be so narrowed minded when it comes to home decor. She had a bad attitude and to let her husband behave like a spoilt child was just stupid and weak.
  • chastity from lowe and hamilton episode

    The little spoiled bitch from the lowe and hamilton families episode chastity or whatever should die Nd i want her to know that she a fucking spoiled piece of shit along with her mother
  • The Tattoo Episode

    I really do not agree with the wife swap program because it can open a huge can of worms with the families and the Tattoo Episode is a fine example of that. I can see trying to show family members where they may fall short on how they treat each other and children but the line is drawn when a wife wants the daughter of the other family to get a tattoo no matter if it was going to be a temporary or real one. That sorta stuff should not be allowed the physical altering of a persons body with tattoos who may never even thought about doing so until that woman came into their should be a big NO NO!
  • Sad, really.

    This show is a questionable idea with even more confusing and doubtful outcomes. It takes a difficult problem and complicates it even further by extrapolating it into the unknown. It's a bit like deciding that if you have a mosquito bite that really itches, you should take care of it with a paint scraper. If people find that their marriages are beset by communication problems and too many differences, what they need to do is get some help. They don't need to see what it's like elsewhere. Too often, this show refuses to have people actually solve a problem--it just sends them to another person. That's how we got the divorce crisis. I know this is just a show, but for what it is, it makes things more sad and bizarre, and it makes it look like there wasn't much of a point to start with. If people did some more clear thinking and had compassion, instead of being more choosy, they'd be better off--and if people are so assured of their own greatness, they perhaps shouldn't consider being with others at all.
  • the family from out west needs their heads checked.

    if this is the type of family you think the american public needs to watch, i will not be watching this show anymore. the family from out west was way out in left field. they are not worth watching. i realize this is supposed to be some type of reality show, but, sometimes enough is enough.
  • Swingers...

    To me this show is like a Swingers Party, but without all of the meaningless sex beer orgies. Sadly this show does well [and beat Arested Development]. Sadly America likes crap and this is the crap we like looks like the song "American Idiot" was rght. Oh god I hate TV now...
  • Wife Swap of 7/23/07

    I can't believe they would allow someone to bring beer into a home that has beliefs against drinking - the show is good most of the time, but I think that was just wrong. Also, trying to change the way the one family believed that women should dress - wrong again! I think the beer thing was presumptious - even though the swapped wife apologized - should never have been an issue. Poor judgment, I think.
  • Engineering human dysfunctionality.

    It's friday, December 19th, and all it took was the preview of this episode's comming attractions to get me to turn off the T.V. and head straight to the computer to write this review. The wife of a tornado chaser switching places with the wife of a safety freak. My, my. This show is only a hop, skip and a jump from the Jerry Springer Show in my opinion. The whole idea behind this show and shows like it is to exploit and at times, I think, engineer human dysfunctionality. You don't have to be Dr. Phil to guess how these two mismatched couples are going to fare. If you get off on watching people tear each other down, this is a good show I guess, but you get more for your money on the Springer show. Lotsa good fist fights on that one. Ugh.
  • Ugh... the new format!!!

    I used to love this show, but after the new format, I stopped watching it. I LOVED the husband swap (Davis & Paiss), Broider and Talbott, but not the new format.
  • Where do they find these people?

    Dont these families get that this show chooses two polar opposite lifestyles, both radical and in need of change? They always think they are there to change the other family.... they should really be seeing how they are both wrong, and both need to dial it down a bit. If I were chosen for the show I dont think I would be flattered... I do like watching it but the people they choose must never watch the show....
  • Would have rolled the little toy cowboy up in a little ball and shoved him up his wifes butt!!

    Very different show!! If I had been on that particular show, I believe that I would have rolled the little toy cowboy up in a little ball and shoved him up his wifes butt!! I would have loved for him to come across the table on me!! It seems that the mouthy big ol\\\' cowgirl new everything and that their way was the only way. I pity there innocent little children for having to be raised in an environment like that. I guess it really goes to show that it takes all kinds to make a village. Congratulations to the other family for showing a little tact and class with a truly lowlife couple.
  • started out as a good show, now it\'s only about major drama and jerks, like the clueless bonehead from Florida who needs to be dragged into an alley and given a blanket party. He\'s lucky the guy from Wisconsin really didn\'t shoot him and gut him right

    I really like this show initially, but they seem to keep finding these clueless idiots. I\'ve never seen a more worthless guy than this idiot from Florida. He\'s lucky he\'s got a wealthy wife and a father-in-law to give him a job otherwise he\'d be selling used cars and waiting tables to pay for his \"sport\" addiction.
  • The American housewife certainly looks different...

    that's what you realize when watching this show. I also have seen that no matter what your background is, whether it be conservative, liberal, or whatever, we can always learn how to be better people. No ONE lifestyle is better than another. I love to see the wives actually improve their relationships with their families. It's kinda like going through therapy, but on reality TV.
  • This is a great series, really great idea and so much fun ,love to swap my wife for a while!

    One family is clean and tidy the other family is living in a pig sty and washes once a week the other once a day, which quality is better? How do you judge one Mommy over another Mommy, each has a different take on life , a different way of doing things. Is is better for the kids to have no TV at night? is it better to let your kid fall asleep infront of a TV? It lets the audience be the judge and jury on the inner workings of a family. makes you wonder what sort of people would be as stupid or confident to be featured in this TV show. Sadly a compulsive programme.
  • Learning about being a mate!

    You can become an enemy or a friend on this show. You will learn a lot about parenting, about yourself, and about your husband, and lifestyles as a wife being swapped. But, you learn all about this as a viewer too. Cool concept for tv!
  • It's a good show to watch if you want to see how different families live and how well they can stand each other.

    Here's how the show works. They take a mom from 2 very different families and moves them into the other's home for 2 weeks. Usually they find two complete opposites. For the first week, the new mom goes by the families' rules, and on the second week, she makes her own.

    This is what I find somewhat upsetting. The two families chosen very rarely have anything in common. Although it's entertaining to have the families not like the new mom, they should pair up more compatible families and see how that works out.

    Another thing I find upsetting is that most of the families aren't open to try what the new mom has to offer, while others just find the other families way of life completely awful and barbaric. People are so closed minded these days.

    Other than the above, the show is still fun and enjoyable to watch. It at least gives us a picture to what other families are like, outside of our usual way of living.
  • Unoriginal but still great!

    Unoriginal or not, that is the real question for me. This show really annoys me because there is another show that is completely like this! I try not to watch both but it is a good show and I like watching it. This show is really good, it is a great show because they pick the most different people and put them into totally different situations then what they are use to which in my mind is just a great start for an awesome show! The people in this show are just great also, there are bickering, challenges they have to overcome, and occasional fighting that just make this show so great. Other than the part where it is unoriginal this show is great and I hope it stays on for years to come!
  • it's just a show no one expected.

    wife swap is the crazyest show. the idea to swap wives with totally opposite familys and it's funny, crazy, and wild. it's a great show should air on tv alot more than it is. but in the end they settle there differences and tell the other familys what needs to change. it's a great show.
  • I don't know why I watch it. I mean it gets sillier by the week.

    I only watch it beacuse to see the wacky famliy of the wife is going to next. The last one I saw is the one with the mom eats rotten food, and other is a fany person who likes to be clean. I mean it ok but I wouldn't put it in my number one list. I would not be able to have my mom to swap lives with another woman. Then tells us we have to follow some dumb rules. I would say shut the @$#K up. (I wanted to keep it rated!)But the show is ok. I would give it a 6 out of 10 just to be honest.
  • Women trade families for a week.

    This show is the biggest guilty pleasure for me, anything that repeats on Lifetime is. This show is really good at creating drama by purposely pairing opposite families together week after week but it shows a really great intersection of humanity that never fails to entertain. It is amazing at showing off the hypocrisy that people fall susceptible to and shows all the different flaws of people no matter how open minded they claim to be. I find that the people who often claim to be that open are the worst of all because they are stuck int their ways. This show bring humor and because it is in the house it takes people right where the heart is and you get to really see people in a way that you don't on other reality shows. I also love to watch a good fight.
  • Why don't they put switch similar wives sometimes?

    This show is mainly about two different couples who switch wives for a few weeks.

    It is very interesting and entertaining to watch! I love the see how the two wives would react and judge the family and the house. How the childrens /kids/ teens behaves and the rules the wives are going to change about the household!

    It's funny to see the dads yell at the "wife" and not listening to the new rules.

    What I don't like about this show is that they always switch wives that are from opposite families (like everytime!) so that can get boring to watch. Why don't they switch wives some time from two similar families! That would be boring to watch, some might say but atleast it's interesting and different from the weeks!

    Well, that's my review!
  • So you think your family is crazy? Think again...

    Wife Swap is a great show, in my opinion. I wont say that I watch every episode, but when I do its more like watching an extremely unplanned soap! People are soo different and have different outlook on life and what is important. Some swaps are horrible and I cant stop feeling sorry for the women. The most painfult to watch, are the episodes where theres a huge personality clash and completely different life style to which wives are used to. Theres sadness, happiness, tears, laughts and many more emotions involved. Its just unbelievable how those poor women cope! Just watch it!
  • This show is interesting because it shows how people are different and how they react when they are taken out of thier environment and put into anothers.

    I think this is interesting cause of the different cultures that people are swaped with. I mean some of the swaps were very radical. It showed though that no matter how different we are and what our prejudices might be that once we get to know someone those things can change. Overall it is interesting.
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