Wife Swap

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 26, 2004 In Season


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  • Sad, really.

    This show is a questionable idea with even more confusing and doubtful outcomes. It takes a difficult problem and complicates it even further by extrapolating it into the unknown. It's a bit like deciding that if you have a mosquito bite that really itches, you should take care of it with a paint scraper. If people find that their marriages are beset by communication problems and too many differences, what they need to do is get some help. They don't need to see what it's like elsewhere. Too often, this show refuses to have people actually solve a problem--it just sends them to another person. That's how we got the divorce crisis. I know this is just a show, but for what it is, it makes things more sad and bizarre, and it makes it look like there wasn't much of a point to start with. If people did some more clear thinking and had compassion, instead of being more choosy, they'd be better off--and if people are so assured of their own greatness, they perhaps shouldn't consider being with others at all.