Wife Swap

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 26, 2004 In Season


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  • Why don't they put switch similar wives sometimes?

    This show is mainly about two different couples who switch wives for a few weeks.

    It is very interesting and entertaining to watch! I love the see how the two wives would react and judge the family and the house. How the childrens /kids/ teens behaves and the rules the wives are going to change about the household!

    It's funny to see the dads yell at the "wife" and not listening to the new rules.

    What I don't like about this show is that they always switch wives that are from opposite families (like everytime!) so that can get boring to watch. Why don't they switch wives some time from two similar families! That would be boring to watch, some might say but atleast it's interesting and different from the weeks!

    Well, that's my review!