Wife Swap

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on ABC
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A motorcycle-riding mother of three teenage girls from Illinois swaps with a New Jersey mother who rules over her two daughters with an iron fist.
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  • I like Wife Swaps when there is a positive change that takes place. This was one such episode. Both families had a lot of room to change!

    As usual, both families were extreme opposites. The Rowland family was too loose in their discipline; there was no discipline! The parents wanted to be friends with their children, but they did not put any effort in being parents. The father and mother would just take off in the evenings for get togethers with their biker buddies. There were three teenage daughters, and the middle one ruled the roost. She was a wild child with a foul mouth, who had no idea of respect. The three girls and the father did no work around the house. The oldest girl might not even come home at night. The middle one, age fifteen, would hold parties in the basement with friends of all ages until any time at night. The youngest didn't like the middle sister but was beginning to emmulate her. What the new mom brought this family was a sense of discipline, family togetherness, and sisterly bonding. In the other home, the mom and dad ruled their two teenage girls like prison wardens. They had cameras installed inside and outside the house, including the bedrooms. Mom would listen in on the girls' private conversations. She would snoop in their diaries and all through their drawers and closets. Not only did the girls in this family not have parties in their large luxurious home, they weren't even allowed to have friends over. These two girls needed to be trusted. Their new mom brought a loosening of the reins. She had the girls bring friends over. They had a party. No cameras, etc. Finally, the girls in both families after the exchange was over had changed for the better. The impression was given that in the Rowland family, the girls continued to get along better. The family had together time. The girls actually helped around the house. In the Rivera family, the girls were allowed to continue to have friends over. Hopefully, the cameras in their rooms were also removed.moreless

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