Wife Swap

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on ABC
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A high-powered executive wife and a simple life wife swap families.
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  • dad and mom are crazy!

    the younger dad is a total jerk! ignores his family for sports but more likely another woman! kids late to school is ok with them too. hmmmm. mom is a nut case also by pushing her small kids to do so much and at end of show brags she enrolled them in 3 more activities. no time to be a kid. these parents should be taken out and shot. if i ever met that creep dad he would learn respect for his kids and others. his type is best left in a gutter somewhere to rot. poor kids.moreless
  • One snobish family from Florida (the Martincak's) and the Schachtnet family from Wisconsin exchange Mothers for a short time. The Floridians are snobish, superficial and mean spirited. The Wisconsin family consist of 4 teenage boys daughters. The Father wmoreless

    The Father of the Martincak family in Florida is the worst father/man on this series. The Mother,in the modeling business, is no better. Horrible people. I think he is having an affair. He didn't even hug his wife when he saw her and plays hockey(yeah right) at midnight. How sad?

    The Mother from Wisconsin was treated horribly by this man and his wife played right along with it at the meeting. Despite the Martincak Mothers attempt to be successful, she will never be as successful a Mother (or hn being) as the Mother from Wisconsin. I despised Florida Dad.moreless
  • Schacntner/Martincak - A clash of values and culture. One family has them the other doesn't.

    The close knit Schacntner family accepts the "material girl" Mrs. Martincak with warmth and humor. Quite the opposite in the Martincak family where Pat Schacnter is subject to the infantile behavior of Mr. Martincak. It was painful to watch an alledged adult treat another so badly and at the same time illustrate for all the world what a throughly dispicable cad he is.
  • Florida mom and Wisconsin mom swap places for two weeks. The first week is spent living by the house rules. The second week the moms implement the rules from their own homes. The Wisconsin family members were good sports. Florida dad was a spoilsport.moreless

    I liked both of the moms. I thought they both went into the swap with great attitudes. The guys in Wisconsin really rose to the occasion, especially going to have their eyebrows waxed! That was obviously not a usual part of their daily lives. The little girls in Florida were good natured and dealt well with the swap. Unfortunately, dad tried to sabotage every effort put forth. I wondered why he had bothered to do the show? He\'s obviously too insecure to try something different. Intolerance can be cured, but he doesn\'t seem to realize he has that problem.moreless
  • A disappointing experience watching a good lady be treated horribly; watching little girls being taught very superficial values.

    This episode was so disheartening. I hated watching a lady who seemed of great heart and humor be treated like that. I was really proud of the Wisc. family for their quality in spite of the treatment of Patty during this experience. The Wisc. family were able to grow and improve after their experience. Good for them. Good for Gunner for growing more outgoing. It seemed like the Fla. mom did a fine job w/ them and they were willing to step up and comply w/ the rules. I just hated the way Patty was treated. It was unfortunate that after such an unique experience the Fla family chose to not be enriched by it. I don't think those children benefitted from getting even more overscheduled so the parents can spite another woman who has a happy life. Hopefully the Fla family will, in the end, chose a lifestyle that is most beneficial to their children's education, happiness, and quality.moreless

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