Wife Swap

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on ABC

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  • Didn't like but exactly why I watch!

    This was a very wierd one as I for once
    Didn't like both families. I usually like one over the
    Other but this time, I just couldn't like any one of them. As one family overlooked everybody else except their motorcross son and another family worshipped mother nature. And didn't care for their kids. Like I said, a wierd one.
  • Uber Pagan Family swaps with Materialistic Motorcross fanatics.

    OK.... I started watching this episode because it was A Pagan Family and a very "Materialistic" family.... However... Why does Wifeswap have to always pick the ones that are so far out in left field that they make ordinary Pagans look like Freaks??? She sleeps in her own bedroom and her husband has his own bedroom, but her 3 boys share a room that looks so cramped it's almost impossible to imagine all 3 of them in it! She makes the oldest cook HER Breakfast? Come on!!!

    I understand and commend them for the compost and the recycling andgrowing their own vegatables in the garden. If I had the Room to do that, I probably would too. I understand the Asking the Vegatables if they are ready to be picked even... My husband tells our son to ask if the flower wants to be picked before picking it.... But the Honey cakes in the trees for the Fairies everyday? Making her Children participate in Rituals when it's obvious they don't want to is Obscene!!! They are eventually going to rebel!!! Not allowing the Boys to play team sports because the amount of Gasoline that it takes to go to practice and to meets is REDICULOUS!!!! Boys need Sports! My son does Tae Kwon Do, Rides his Bike And his Skateboard and swims like a fish!!!

    Pagans that are "so far out there" give other pagans that aren't so "Balls to the walls" kind of a bad name! We are finally being recognized, but is this what we want people to think we ALL are like? However, I loved the way the families were changed at the end! Both Families! I loved the way both changed for the better!!! That's it!