Wife Swap

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on ABC
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A wife who shelters her children from the modern media switches places with a liberal, modern woman who lets her children do as they like and prefers to be their friend.
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  • Two different families but one with hope of a future.

    This episode was another where there where two very different families, but right off the bat you could see how the parents of the kids who let them do whatever they wanted were not doing their job as parents. Though the parents on the farm were very strict, they way those boys were being raised; they knew the value of a dollar and could actually take care of themselves. They didn't mind not being allowed to date and saw dating as something to do once they had their own lives and could take care of themselves on their own. Their children were respectful the entire time both to their father and the women visiting and could speak to her in calm and collected tones about their opinions and views. Everytime the visiting wife started an argument with the husband he respected and collected while talking, just like his sons, while the wife was emotional and accusation in how to make a basis for her nonstop judgments.

    The other parents of the boy and girl, and the girlfriend and boyfriend who lived with them were sad and horrible examples of American parents letting their children walk all over them. The parents couldn't deal with confrontation which is why the wife could constantly start arguments with the husband on the farm but walked away without a resolution and when the farm wife would try to tell the father that he needed to be a dad then a friend to his kids, he would get angry and break down. The children would argue with the women when she asked what they were doing with their lives (short answer, nothing) and this is my belief why their parents aren't parenting, the parents can't handle confrontations but their kids can so they're the ones ruling the house, not the parents. The very fact, that they were allowing their kids boyfriend and girlfriend live with their kids in their rooms without any of them having a job, I have no idea how these children will take care of themselves when their in their 30s or 40s when their parents won't be able to take care of them anymore.

    As far as I'm concerned the city parents are terrible examples parents who have let their children destroy their futures by being in the early 20s, living at home with no jobs or college educations and throw parties whenever they want. While of course the farm parents were strict, all those boys were growing up doing hard work and can be proud of that along with hard work; they also have some skill in the form of a family folksong band. They have a future together and have a strong family bond that can still work one day if their parents aren't there to help them.moreless
  • interesting...

    I was really interesting in this episode. One family sheltered their children while the other didn't regulate them at all. The two extremes. I always thought I was sheltered...well, no. I'm in the middle of the two families, which is a good place to be. Anyways, back to the episode. I thought it was sad how the boys just didn't know what they were missing. They couldn't even go to school! The band sounded good though. The rap was disgusting and terrible. That kid has no chance. I thought it was weird how the girlfriends/boyfriends lived with the family. The sheltering wife was really rude and just came foward with a holier-than-thou attitude. Other than that, the families were very respectful. Overall, great episode.moreless

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