Wild Arms: TV

Season 1 Episode 1

Sleeping Dirty

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1999 on Encore Action

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  • A solid episode that does a good job kick-starting this Anime series.

    Sleeping Dirty, the first episode of Wild Arms: TV, is a great episode to kick the series off. It has action, plot, and great character development. You’re introduced to all the main characters and for the most part, learn a little about them. It’s enough to interest you but not enough to give away too much.

    A great example of this is Cheyenne Rainstorm. He’s easily the most mysterious of the crew. He thinks he’s a 25 year old man but he has the body of a child. He is also the only person we know of that is able to fire the ARMS; a very powerful weapon that is also surrounded by mystery. Dr. Kiel Aronnax is another interesting character. Not much is shown of his background other then he knows a little about the legend of the ARMS.

    The animation of Wild Arms: TV is nothing special really; Traditional anime style with no CG effects. A little dull at times but it gets the job done. The characters are drawn well enough and the background/scenery is very nice. The combat is smooth and fluid and really flows along nicely.

    The music is good and comes in at the right times. The opening and ending theme songs are really nothing special, but seem fitting. The sounds effects are all done well, too. The voice acting is good and all the characters voices are very fitting for their appearance and role. Cheyenne sounds like a kid, a rather cocky kid. Mirabelle and Loretta sound like kind but tough chicks and Dr. Aronnax has a mainly voice but shows compassion.

    Sleeping Dirty is a well-done, easy to understand episode that does a good job starting the series off on the right foot. It’s easy to tell if you’ll like this series or not. All and all it’s not ground-breaking or anything new to the Anime world but its better then a lot of other garbage you’ll find out there. Give it a try.