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Wild Card

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Joely Fisher stars in this one hour comedy/drama as Zoe Busiek, a blackjack dealer whose life takes an unexpected turn when she has to take care of her sister's children, teenaged Taylor (Vikki Krinsky), pre-teen Cliff (Jamie Johnston), & pre-teen Hannah (Aislinn Paul), after their mother dies in a car accident. But when the insurance company denies them the family financial settlement, Zoe takes matters into her own hands, which leads her to a new career as a insurance fraud investigator with handsome former criminal Dan Lennox (Chris Potter) and serious but sweet Sophia Mason (Rae Dawn Chong) becoming her partners (and Sophia later becomes their boss). In season two, Rae Dawn Chong (Sophia) leaves the show (along with Bronson Picket (Marcos)) and is replaced by Loretta Devine (M. Pearl McGuire: Zoe and Dan's sassy new boss). The season one theme song is sung by Amy Sky and the season two theme song is "I Believe in Me" sung by Cherie. The show was officially cancelled in February 2005 and the final episode aired in July 2005. Air Times- Sunday nights at midnight. (season 2 repeats) Lifetime Broadcast History August 2003-February 2004-Saturday 9P.M. July 2004-October 2004-Sunday 10P.M June 2005-July 2005-Saturday 11P.M. Help bring Wild Card to DVD by voting at http://tvshowsondvd.com/showinfo.cfm?showID=7118 You must register at the website before voting. If you want Lifetime to show season one reruns, go to http://www.lifetimetv.com, click on Write to Us on the very bottom of the page and tell Lifetime how you feel. Please discuss Wild Card and the latest episodes and play a fun Wild Card Survivor game in our Forum. Upcoming Repeat Episodes (Sunday nights @ midnight) http://www.lifetimetv.com/cgi/scripts/tv_byshow.pl?show=wildcardmoreless
Vikki Krinsky

Vikki Krinsky

Taylor Woodall

Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Dan Lennox

Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher

Zoe Busiek

Jamie Johnston

Jamie Johnston

Clifford "Cliff" Woodall

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine

M. (Matilda) Pearl McGuire (Season 2)

Aislinn Paul

Aislinn Paul

Hannah Woodall

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  • A very funny show.

    After the death of her sister Zoe Busiek, an ex blackjack dealer, has to take care of her two nieces and nephew. She has to combine that with her job at an insurance company. All of this can lead to difficult situations, but Zoe does her best to make it all work.

    This show has proven to be funny. The Zoe character is hilarious and there is a great chemistry between all the characters. Especially between Zoe and her work partner Dan. Also the relationship between them and their boss is quite interesting.

    As the serie moves on we see Zoe struggle at work, at home and in her love life. Things aren't always easy, but she manages to raise her sister's kids and to often save the day at the insurance company.

    A very entertaining show I advise everybody to give a chance.moreless
  • Although I found this series in the UK after it had been canned in the US, for me, it is one of the best series, of its type, I have seen in a long time!moreless

    The format for series one was good, but series two was miles better with M in charge; not only did the character bring more to the show, but so did the actress's talent for singing! Of course the show revolved around Dan and Zoe and a huge opportunity was missed to extend their relationship - and humour - further. Their banter was ridiculously hysterical at times - and you knew Zoe was no way "cardboard" to Dan - you just wished to knock their heads together to see how right they were for each other! It would have been interesting to see how they worked together being married together!

    The best part of the series was it was funny, somewhat predictable but inoffensive. It covered a lot of different subjects without taking the high moral ground but also without subjecting viewers to what seems to be the norm of bad language and gratuitous scenes of a sexual nature! You know you are going to be entertained - and you can't ask for more than that! Plus a bit of eye candy in Dan was the bonus!

    A series that definitely needs another outing! But alas, never to be!moreless
  • A unique detective show that has a blackjack dealer from Las Vegas become an insurance fraud investigator in her hometown, Chicago.

    A unique detective show that has a blackjack dealer from Las Vegas become an insurance fruad investigator in her hometown, Chicago. At the same time, she's caring for her dead sister's three kids, Taylor, Cliff, and Hannah.

    The many misadventures that Zoe Busiek and her partner, Dan Lennox get into while trying to solve crime mysteries, from robbery to murder, their life is far from normal.

    In a way, this show is appealing to teens and adults alike. With it's snappy dialogue, and an interesting plot that keeps adding on with every few episodes, It's one of the best shows of it's time! And for Zoe, having to take care of her nieces and nephew is hard enough. She never had the experiance of taking care of kids before, but she seems to get through the parenthood thing pretty well.

    It's a shame that the series ended so quickly. I would've liked to see more of what happened after Dan and Zoe got married.moreless
  • A nice detective show.

    Wild Card is a nice detective show with a family oriented theme. Zoey's role as an insurance investigator really ties up the plot of each episodes. It's an entertaining show to watch but it lacks the certain flare of other good detective shows like Monk. But it works quite well, with Chris Potter being part of the cast makes Wild Card a nice mix. The shows not too serious, some comedy added in here that gives it an 80s detective show feel to it. Overall, the shows not so bad, it's not excellent, just below excellent, I don't watch it regularly but when it's on it looks fine. It's watchable.moreless
  • This show is (oops - was) awesome. The story line was original. And the plots were interesting.

    This show is awesome. My mom and I really bonded, while watching it. She really loved the show, it was one of her favourites. Personally I loved Chris Potter (did you watch season 2?), she loved zoe\'s character and really understood what she was going through. Too bad it ended. Bring it back!!!

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