Wild Card

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 02, 2003 on Lifetime



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    • Zoe: What matters most is how these children remember their mother; I don't want them to think it was her fault if it wasn't. They're gonna have enough to overcome just living with me.
      Jeannie: Don't ever let them hear you talk like that.
      Zoe: Believe me, they know it already.
      Jeannie: They know their mother admired you.
      Zoe: Since when?
      Jeannie: Since forever. Do you remember this? (Shows Zoe a figurine that Zoe and her sister broke then fixed as children)
      Zoe: Why did she keep that?
      Jeannie: She said it reminded her of you. No matter what happens, you pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

    • Marcos: Cliff, I said 7:00; you have to sit out the first half.
      Cliff: (Sighs)Yes, Coach.
      Zoe: Uh, it wasn't his fault, sir, Coach. Uh, Cliff was late because of me.
      Marcos: If I make an exception for Clifford it won't be fair to the rest of the team.
      Zoe: Then how about making an exception for me? 'Cause somebody has got to cut me some slack; just once in my life it has got to be my turn, somewhere, somehow. I can't find a job, or a car. Cliff and his sisters didn't just lose their mother, but now they are stuck with me screwing up their lives. Of course you can make an exception, because life isn't fair anyway, so why not be consistent with life and be kind at the same time and let him play? Please?
      Marcos: Zoe Busiek? It's me, Marcos Morales.
      Zoe: (Laughing) Marcos.
      Marcos: I'm sorry about your sister.
      Zoe: Me too.
      Marcos: Hey, uh, Cliff? Why didn't you tell me about the doctor's appointment? You know we make exceptions for medical emergencies.

    • Zoë gives Hannah some dice that only throw 7s or 11s no matter how many times you throw them. Hannah asks why you would need them:
      Zoe: It's for Craps!
      Hannah: Crap is a bad word!
      Zoe: Yes it is, but Crapsss isn't!

    • Taylor: I'm going to orchestra.
      Zoe: Do you need a ride?
      Taylor: A friend's driving me.
      Zoe: What time are you coming home?
      Taylor has left.
      Zoe: Hannah! Do you know what time Taylor gets home from orchestra?
      Hannah: No, but I know another secret.
      Zoe: What's that?
      Hannah: Taylor isn't in orchestra.

    • Zoe:I know my sister didn't have life insurance, but she had car insurance so there must be something (interrupted by the insurance lady)
      Lady:Her policy had fifteen thousand for bodily injury but (interrupted by Zoe)
      Zoe:...Bodily injury, including death, there must be something coming to these kids...
      Lady:Your sister was at fault, so we had to deny the claim.
      Zoe:She was at fault?How can you prove that? My sister was the most responsible person you have
      ever met, she never had a ticket her whole life,i t wasn't in her to be a reckless driver.

      (At home eating dinner)
      Taylor:My mother never grounded me,so it shows how much you know.

      (Cliff talking to Taylor upstairs)
      Cliff:Idiot you wanna go to a foster home. (Taylor slams door)
      Hannah: May I please be excused?
      Zoe:You know what I'm really looking forward to? Hero's day, I cannot wait to see your classroom.
      Hannah:It's for parents you're not my parent.

      (Zoe at the school dance talking to Ted)

      Zoe:Somebody told you your date went home?
      Ted:Somebody said.
      Zoe:Ted, listen carefully. You don't want the grief I will cause you if you don't give me a straight answer right now! Where is Taylor?
      Ted:She's at a frat party.

      (In the car after Zoe gets Taylor from frat party)

      Taylor:You're the authority on stupid.

      (Zoe and Taylor at home after coming back from hospital)

      Zoe:Okay from now on you will never drink anything you haven't poured yourself, you will never walk away from a beverage and then come back to it and drink it, and you'll never drink out of a can or a bottle unless you've opened it or seen it opened right in front of you.

    • Zoe: Shame on you for fooling me once, shame on me if you're gonna fool me twice.

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