Wild Card

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 02, 2003 on Lifetime



  • Quotes

    • Marcos: Cliff, I said 7:00; you have to sit out the first half.
      Cliff: (Sighs)Yes, Coach.
      Zoe: Uh, it wasn't his fault, sir, Coach. Uh, Cliff was late because of me.
      Marcos: If I make an exception for Clifford it won't be fair to the rest of the team.
      Zoe: Then how about making an exception for me? 'Cause somebody has got to cut me some slack; just once in my life it has got to be my turn, somewhere, somehow. I can't find a job, or a car. Cliff and his sisters didn't just lose their mother, but now they are stuck with me screwing up their lives. Of course you can make an exception, because life isn't fair anyway, so why not be consistent with life and be kind at the same time and let him play? Please?
      Marcos: Zoe Busiek? It's me, Marcos Morales.
      Zoe: (Laughing) Marcos.
      Marcos: I'm sorry about your sister.
      Zoe: Me too.
      Marcos: Hey, uh, Cliff? Why didn't you tell me about the doctor's appointment? You know we make exceptions for medical emergencies.