Wild Card

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 02, 2003 on Lifetime



  • Quotes

    • Zoe: What matters most is how these children remember their mother; I don't want them to think it was her fault if it wasn't. They're gonna have enough to overcome just living with me.
      Jeannie: Don't ever let them hear you talk like that.
      Zoe: Believe me, they know it already.
      Jeannie: They know their mother admired you.
      Zoe: Since when?
      Jeannie: Since forever. Do you remember this? (Shows Zoe a figurine that Zoe and her sister broke then fixed as children)
      Zoe: Why did she keep that?
      Jeannie: She said it reminded her of you. No matter what happens, you pick up the pieces and go on with your life.