Wild Card

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 02, 2003 on Lifetime



  • Quotes

    • Zoe:I know my sister didn't have life insurance, but she had car insurance so there must be something (interrupted by the insurance lady)
      Lady:Her policy had fifteen thousand for bodily injury but (interrupted by Zoe)
      Zoe:...Bodily injury, including death, there must be something coming to these kids...
      Lady:Your sister was at fault, so we had to deny the claim.
      Zoe:She was at fault?How can you prove that? My sister was the most responsible person you have
      ever met, she never had a ticket her whole life,i t wasn't in her to be a reckless driver.

      (At home eating dinner)
      Taylor:My mother never grounded me,so it shows how much you know.

      (Cliff talking to Taylor upstairs)
      Cliff:Idiot you wanna go to a foster home. (Taylor slams door)
      Hannah: May I please be excused?
      Zoe:You know what I'm really looking forward to? Hero's day, I cannot wait to see your classroom.
      Hannah:It's for parents you're not my parent.

      (Zoe at the school dance talking to Ted)

      Zoe:Somebody told you your date went home?
      Ted:Somebody said.
      Zoe:Ted, listen carefully. You don't want the grief I will cause you if you don't give me a straight answer right now! Where is Taylor?
      Ted:She's at a frat party.

      (In the car after Zoe gets Taylor from frat party)

      Taylor:You're the authority on stupid.

      (Zoe and Taylor at home after coming back from hospital)

      Zoe:Okay from now on you will never drink anything you haven't poured yourself, you will never walk away from a beverage and then come back to it and drink it, and you'll never drink out of a can or a bottle unless you've opened it or seen it opened right in front of you.