Wild Card

Season 2 Episode 9

Premonition Mission

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 03, 2004 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Opening scene: Zoë and Dan are in a Chinese Restaurant, filling their plates from a buffet style table.

"It is just a lousy silver Dollar, Zoë!" "It is not a … lousy silver Dollar … OK … it was my late sister's silver Dollar … a rare Morgan 1878 silver Dollar … the very same rare Morgan 1878 silver Dollar that grandfather and his brother flipped for my grandmother's hand in marriage!" "So Taylor is trying to auction it off on Bid Bay Buy?" "Yeah … to buy herself some silly MP3 thingy …!" Zoë says as she piles loads of noodles high on her plate! "So say something to her!" "I did … now she hates me!"

Two women are sitting at a table talking. "Didi Gomez says you talk to dead people!" "No … they talk to me!" says the woman as she seems to be holding her breath! "Maggie … are you making contact with my daughter?" "Actually … I get hiccups when I get nervous … I find if I hold my breath it goes away … you probably think I am crazy!" "No!" "I do have ADD … Attention Deficit Disorder … but my take on it … I was mis-diagnosed … of course I didn't actually read the report … but … you going to eat that egg roll?!

Dan and Zoë are still collecting food! "Is that lunch or dinner for an entire Marine Division?" asks Dan! "Will you leave me alone? When I am upset … I eat!" "Who puts two pounds of crunchy noodles on top of Chinese food?" "What about you … Mr. chicken balls?" "I … like … chicken … balls!" says Dan pouring loads of sauce over his chicken balls! "Really?" says Zoë sarcastically! As she turns to leave she bumps into a man and her food falls all over the floor! Dan grimaces! As she bends down to pick up the food, she hears the conversation of the two women at the table.

"Say I do hear voices … at best I get parts of sentences … I also pick up radio stations, air traffic controllers … yeah you know … I make my own soap … !" Zoë is kneeling with her mouth open. Dan crouches down besides her. "What are you doing?" "Sshh! I'm eavesdropping!" "Have you considered a palm reader?" asks Maggie. "No … I want you … listen I will give you another $100!" "I can't!" "$200? Just hold my daughter's sweater … please try!" Maggie picks up the sweater … "Is your daughter's name Nora?" "Oh my God! … Oh … I purposes didn't … Oh … Nora Nora … [she starts shouting loudly] can you hear me?" "No … sshh … wait!" "My God this woman is communicating with the dead!" says Zoë to Dan. "Communicating my ass … she is scamming some grief stricken woman!" retorts Dan! "What does she say?" asks the woman. Maggie seems to be in a trance … "You have got to feed Mabel!" "That's her cat … that's her cat!" shouts the woman … as Zoë is leaning forward between some large plants! "And she asks about someone named … Zoë!" At which point Zoë falls through the plants, flat onto the floor with Chinese food all over her! Dan can't believe his eyes and stands back chomping on his chicken balls! "Zoë?" asks Maggie … "Are you Zoë?" "Yeah!" "First … Nora says don't eat the Mu Shu it's from yesterday's batch …!" "And second?" asks Zoë … "She wants you to know that she was murdered!" Dan is stunned! So is Zoë!

Back in the office … "It's a hoax!" "Dan, the woman is crying out for help … she is desperate!" "It's a hoax!" "She is crying out for her dead child!" "HOAX!" "Come one … Maggie the psychic knew my name … Nora from the great beyond told her … my name!" Dan laughs! "Zoë … you have got a pendant with the letter Z … so unless your name is Zelda … Zoë is a pretty good bet! And these cold readers … i.e. con artists … they always fane modesty about their abilities and I will tell you a third thing … speed is everything … and Miss ADD was talking so fast I thought her jaw was going to drop off!" "We are helping Mrs Sutton!" "We are NOT helping Mrs Sutton!" "We ARE helping Mrs Sutton!" "We are NOT helping Mrs Sutton because she has NO money!" Zoë slams the door in Dan's face! "We are … helping Mrs Sutton!" says Dan … defeated!

In the Conference Room, Mrs Sutton is telling them that she raised Nora alone and that she was a great kid and perfect student who landed a job right out of Princeton … she says she told Nora to travel and see the world but that obviously curing cancer was more appealing than Paris! M says that Mrs Sutton had said that Nora had worked for a Dr. Kadar. She confirms that it was a Dr. Janis Kadar, her biomedical guru; Kadar had founded Kadar Laboratories where Nora had done research. M says she knows it is a sensitive question but she asks how Nora died. Mrs Sutton says "It was a Lab accident … there was a hydrogen gas leak … the lab automatically shut down and err … it was three months ago. The night before the accident, we had an argument … I told her … that working wasn't living … have a drink … pick up guy … you can't make love to beakers and test tubes … I was going to call her to apologise … [There is a knock on the window … it's Taylor … Zoë gestures she should wait!] … still I feel I owe it to my daughter to find her killer …!" "Hold it!" says Dan … "You said it was an accident!" "Yes … but according to Maggie Hastings …!" "M'am … no offence … but I think your psychic is not operating with a full deck …!" [Zoë looks away in disgust!] "She knew the name of my cat …!" "Er, Mabel … right?" says Zoë. "Joyce … actually … my daughter was the only one who called her Mabel!" Zoë looks at Dan with an expression that says "See – I told you so!" Taylor knocks on the window again and Zoë excuses herself from the room. Taylor wants the keys to the car so she can go and pick up her friend; she apologises to Zoë for their argument but tells her excitedly that she has had a bid of $50 for the silver Dollar. Zoë is not impressed!

M calls Zoë and Dan for a Pow Wow whilst she gets Mrs Sutton a coffee and asks them for comments to which Dan says that she shouldn't take the case because it is bush league! Zoë says she disagrees completely because the Police could have missed something! "According to whom?" asks M. "Exactly!" says Dan … "according to some two-bit clairvoyant who makes soap!" "Dan … please … Mrs Sutton has lost her daughter … she is broke … if this case doesn't scream for a pro bono … I don't know what does! "M … would you please tell my partner … that this clairvoyant crap is a bunch of hoo hah!" "Is there any chance she could ring up my Leon?" "And Leon would be?" asks Zoë very excitedly! "M Pearl McGuire's husband number three! Remember he died in flagrante … very embarrassing … the day before he took one of my favourite skirts to some dry cleaners and to this day I do not know which one! I'd love to get that skirt back!" Zoë is standing with her mouth open … stunned! M looks serious … then bursts out laughing! "Just kidding!" "See … pure unadulterated nonsense!" chides Dan! "I don't need some silly psychic … but I would like to get that skirt back! On second thought … we have had such a good month … this poor lady … let's do this case for her … free … OK … tra la la!" Dan is now the one who is stunned! "Ha!" Zoë laughs and does a winning little dance!

In his laboratory, Dr Kadar is telling a joke to prospective clients and then gives them some hype on how good his company is doing. He is interrupted when Dan and Zoë arrive pretending to be safety inspectors saying they are checking up on the death of Nora. Kadar says that she was a key part of their 'family' and will be sorely missed but that safeguards have been taken to ensure the same thing doesn't happen again. He thinks that 'their' boss Leslie has it in for him but Dan says "She" doesn't; she just wants a safe shop to which Kadar says the last time he checked Leslie was a man. Zoë jumps in and says:"He, she … what one decides to wear outside the workplace is their business, isn't it?"! Kadar accepts the excuse and takes them into the room where Nora was working when she died. He uses his security card to get in. He tells them there is extra security because of the work the company is working on. He also tells them that Nora was working on a new drug called Livercore [which had been approved by the FDA] – which he wanted to call Miracle but he thought it was a bit too ambitious [during all this Kadar keeps playing with his hair] – Dan says that he is sure that they are delivering a 12 cylinder convertible to his driveway whilst they are speaking by Kadar says he is not in it for the money; science is his calling! Dan doesn't buy it and [winking at Kadar] says that is what all the drug execs say to which Kadar replies that that is what all the cynics say about the drug execs! Kadar says that joking aside Livercore may save tens of thousands of lives and that five years ago it might have even saved his brother. Zoë asks if the area is a Level Three bio-hazard containment area which Kadar says it is and they can handle pathogenic and lethal agents in there. He says: "But that should be in your file … Miss …?" "Turkenev … Lorraine Turkenev!" replies Zoë cringing at what she has just said! Dan looks as though he can't believe it!!

Kadar tells them that the main room has its own oxygen supply and can be sealed against chemical leaks; Dan says that didn't help Nora Sutton! Kadar says that tragically Nora was locked in instead of out and that gas filled up the room. Whilst Kadar is talking Zoë puts on handbag on a button that starts a test machine – the operator rushes over to it to stop it and Dan takes advantage of this by stealing the operator's security door card! Just then a security guard walks in which Dan comments on and Kadar says that security is tight and everyone has their own private access card. Zoë says is he afraid that someone might steal his miracle drug but Kadar says they have had a few acts of arson recently by militant groups because Livercore is due to be released within a week but that these groups are not happy about the company's stance on animal testing. He gives them all of Nora's files on the drug research and the police notes and list of suspects. Zoë comments that she has the same problem as Kadar with her hair!! Outside the building Zoë and Dan comment that Nora died of gas inhalation but Dan questions how her death would help the company's cause. Zoë surmises that maybe Kadar was the target to which Dan says that maybe Nora's death was accidental and they are chasing their tails! He says that they would have to run all the background checks on all the radical drug haters through NCIS which is "mucho man hours!" But Zoë says if they narrow the list down to just a few people … Dan says no, he knows where she is going with this … Zoë says that Maggie knew her name without being told … Dan says Maggie overheard it while eating egg rolls … but Zoë says maybe Nora told her!! Zoë's phone rings … it is a message telling her that she has been outbid for her silver dollar by 'Smooth Talker' … she ups the bid!

Back in the office Zoë is asking Maggie to channel Nora Sutton because she has a box of Nora's things but Maggie says she has been fired from jobs because companies in the past have hired her to predict certain successes of stocks and in some instances they were successful and then they weren't! Maggie says she thinks that she might be a fraud!

M is with Dan in the office going through the police report that Detective Lombardi has given Dan, which says there was no sign of foul play or a struggle and then Dan says he found Toby Kray who was on Kadar's suspect list as a member of PAPE [People against Pharmaceutical Exploitation] who liken drug companies to Satan's spawn. M said she ran into a couple of these cases when she was a cop and they were violent. Dan says that Kray is their American Idol and has a history of threatening drug companies and … surprise … he is a convicted arsonist … "All this and I am not even psychic!" says Dan!

Zoë is telling Maggie that she is not a fraud and should keep trying. Maggie is holding Nora's jumper and says "Fuzzy … fuzzy dice … fuzzy dice … fuzzy dice … smiling faces … central refuge … [M and Dan walk into the office] … oh and there is a sale at Bloomingdales!" Dan hands Zoë the info on Kray. "Fuzzy dice … central refuge … what does that mean?" asks Zoë! "I think I know what it means … I think it means nothing … squared!" says Dan laughing at Maggie! "Yeah … well there is a sale at Bloomingdales … check your metro section!" "Wait a second!" says Zoë … "central refuge … central refuge … centrifuge? Dan … remember at Kadar's labs I hit the switch on one of those things?" "Not just dumb … galactically dumb!" says Dan!

Dan, Zoë and Maggie are outside Kadar laboratories looking for clues. Maggie says she is picking up a reading … Dan says it is ridiculous taking instructions from a dead woman … Zoë says to focus on fuzzy dice and smiling faces … Dan asks Maggie to stop talking … but then Zoë spots a smiling face on the mud guard of a delivery propane tanker "big enough for a year long BBQ and then as she looks into the cab sees two fuzzy dice hanging on the mirror. Maggie finds some wires sticking out which are attached to a bomb! "If you can channel a happy face why can't you channel a bomb?" says Dan to Maggie! Maggie is having a panic attack so Dan tells her to breathe! Dan says that if what he has read in the newspapers, if the cell phone goes off so does the bomb and everyone in that part of the Lab will die! He tells Maggie to phone 911 and get the Lab closed down. Maggie says she is now the go-to girl but Dan tells her that as a psychic she should have known better! Maggie is telling Dan about what type of visions she gets when suddenly she has one that the phone on the bomb is going to ring! Dan rushes over to the phone and after some contemplation dismantles the bomb! He takes the phone away … it rings … which shocks them! He answers it … he asks Maggie and Zoë do they need a subscription to Good Housekeeping! Zoë hits him!

Back at the office Dan is looking through the weekly report for Livercore for the FDA trials and he says he can't put his finger on it but something isn't right. Zoë says it is too neat – everything before one date varies and the same again after another date is the same but in between they are too neat. Zoë says that it relates to the month before the FDA results came back positive for the drug. As they discuss the issue Maggie is picking up Air Traffic Control and planes cleared for take-off! "Flight 586 … ready for take off!" "She is channelling Air Traffic Control … oh my God!" says Dan horrified! "Dan … you can't deny she saved our lives and the Lab with that fuzzy dice thingamajig!" "Zoë … it is a coincidence!" "Flush the red lion … flush the red lion!" shouts Maggie! "Flush the red lion … what the hell does that mean?" "Well I don't know Dan … maybe I should consult my handy consultation manual?" "Maybe I should consult my sofa! I'll be at home watching the Cubs game. Now if you can tell me who the winner is I can put a little money on that! No? See Zoë …if you figure out this goofy call you know where not to call me!" "I'll tell you what …" says Zoë grabbing Maggie's arm … "why don't we call it a night? 'Cos I have got three hungry youngsters dying to know where I am!" Maggie goes into a trance. "What? Another message from Nora?" "Spaghetti with clam sauce!" "Spaghetti and clam sauce … does that have anything to do with flush the red lion?" "No … it's the left-overs you've got in the fridge … you bought the wrong pasta … at Wholefoods … it's what you are having for dinner!" Zoë looks bewildered!

Back at Zoë's house pasta and clam sauce is being cooked and Cliff is asking Maggie what she sees in his hand. She tells him she see the starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs … Cliff can't believe it … she says she didn't say she saw him doing it but she sees lots of sports for him. Zoë gets another message about her bid … Smooth Talker has outbid her … she ups the bid again! Taylor asks Maggie who is going to take her to the school dance … Maggie describes a young man with blond hair and nice pecks but he has bad breath … Taylor recognises who it is and say he is hot but she will take care of the mints! Zoë says dinner is ready … Taylor tells Maggie that Zoë bought the wrong pasta … "Who'd have thought!" says Maggie!

Hannah wants Maggie to contact her mother because she misses her. Maggie tells Hannah that sometimes they have to say goodbye to the ones they love … not for long … but for a short time to allow them to open their hearts for other people to come in … she tells Hannah that her mother loves her very much, always did and always will … but Hannah doesn't believe it came from her mother which Maggie agrees it didn't and calls her "Cuddlebug" which is the name Hannah's mother used to call her!

Leo phones Zoë and tells her that they have an address for Toby Kray but Maggie says it's the wrong one!

Dan, Zoë and Maggie are sitting in Dan's car waiting for Kray to show up! Dan is getting cross because he is they are sitting in a location chosen by a lunatic psychic who keeps touching his radio and keeps chewing gum … he has new upholstery! Maggie tells him that leather seats are an abomination and he should think of the cows! "Think of the cows?" he asks in disbelief! "Think of the cows!" Dan … Dan … listen to me … she is a bit of an animal right's activist … who also happens to be a bit claustrophobic and when she gets claustrophobic she has to pee and when she has to pee she chews gum!" "Zoë …!" "You know my sister and her boyfriend used to argue like you two …" says Maggie … "and then within a year they were married!" Dan laughs out loud! "Can you imagine?" says Zoë. "As if!" says Dan! "Yeah … never would happen … not with these two … sister!" laughs Zoë! "You don't have to be psychic to feel the hot gooey sex vibes between you two!" says Maggie! "My God … why are you here … why is she here?" asks Dan! "Why am I here? Because you can't find Nora's killer … re-mem-ber?" "Look I hate to insult you Maggie …" says Dan … "But your predictions so far have been in line with Nostradamus … sort of ticklish yet questionable!" "Yeah right … so you think the police are in the right location to find the bomber Toby Kray?" "And you can prove otherwise?" "Yeah … I can describe his clothing …!" "Yeah … right … wow!" "He is wearing a red faded T-shirt, faded jeans and a baseball cap!" "Why in any Universe would I believe you?" "Because he is right there!" pointing at a man heading towards them! "Because he is right there!" says Dan … "Because he is RIGHT THERE!" and jumps out of the car to chase the man! "Why do they always run?" he asks.

Dan chases the man through the alley, falling over and jumping over a tramping sitting in a chair! As the man runs around the corner he is hit in the face with a dustbin lid! It is Maggie! "How did you know which way he was going to turn?" Dan asks Maggie! "I told you … I'm psychic"

Dan and Zoë pretend to be reporters when talking to Toby Kray grilling him on how he feels about having killed Nora Sutton but he tells them he didn't set that fire or kill her; he admits to other fires he has set on behalf of PAPE but won't take the blame for Nora!

Back in the office Zoë finds that 'Smooth Talker' has upped the bid to $200 – she bids $250 and loses – so she ups the bid to $300. Maggie tells her all she is doing is pushing up the price and that she should wait until the bid is just going to end and then bid at the last minute.

M comes in and says Lombardi is very close to pinning Nora's case on Kray but Zoë says he is innocent because he was in New York on the day Nora was killed.

Maggie goes into one of her trances … she tells Zoë that she, Zoë and Dan are all going to die!

Back at home Zoë is talking to the children about their chores. She sits down with Hannah to look at her logic picture matching sheet. One of the clues in someone flushing water out of their eye in a sink. She rings Dan … "I've got it!"

Dan, Zoë and Maggie break into Kadar Laboratories to find out where Nora hid the real papers from her journal … Zoë thinks that flush the red lion means where the papers are. As they get to a locked door Maggie asks "What now?" Dan says … "You're a psychic! " He takes the stolen security card from his pocket and swipes it to get them in … "This is what we do! … Lucky I was psychic enough to steal this card!" and he gets them into the Lab!

In the small room where Nora had been working there is a sink with a red line around it – Zoë gets Dan to turn the water on to see if there is anything in the sink … he gets wet in the face. As she tries … she sees the red line and realises it is not red lion but red line … she looks in the drain under the sink and finds Nora's journal pages. Meanwhile someone else is in the Lab and shuts the door on them and changes the entry code so their security card won't work. They are locked in! Then the gas starts to come out and they panic and start shouting "Help"! Zoë realises that to survive they need to turn on the sprinklers so she gets on Dan's shoulders and takes Maggie's matches and lights a flame under the sprinklers … eventually the water comes on … and they are saved!

Back in the office a wet Dan and Zoë are explaining to Nora's mother than Kadar is very vain although has said he is not interested in money … but he is interested in himself … a place in medical history … the problem was that his miracle drug had side effects and the number of people who died taking it was above the FDA guidelines so he doctored the books so the drug would get through and Nora found out and was going to blow the whistle so he killed her! Instead of following the money it was a case of follow the ego.

M says they have motive plus the doctor in the vicinity but do they have proof? Maggie goes into a trance … "Guilty!" she says! A wet Dan looks bemused!

In the Lab Kadar is telling a joke to his investors and asks for questions … Zoë says that says she has one … Kadar says he is surprised to see her … Zoë says "What here … or that I am still alive?"

M says Kadar should tell his investors how he tried to gas her people the night before or how he killed Nora Sutton. Kadar tries to pretend that M, Dan and Zoë are hecklers from a radical group … Zoë tells the group that Nora's report proved that Livercore was unsafe and Dr Kadar fudged the data … Kadar says that hundreds of lives will be saved but M says that it is an unacceptable level. Kadar says if one person dies so that thousands can live it is acceptable and he can live with it. Zoë said Nora couldn't and that's why he killed her. Kadar says he was at home all night but Dan says their hackers checked the security card log and it proved his card was used … his pin name being Miracle! Despite the main log being erased the back up files weren't so … as Dan says … "Gotcha!"

Lombardi comes in and arrests Kadar!

In a restaurant, Nora's mother is giving a toast for her daughter and thanks them for what they have done for bring Nora's killer to justice and she says she can now move on with her life. Taylor gets up and gives Zoë a special present from her and the children to thank her for stepping in and looking after them when their mother died and they can't imagine their lives without her for a second. It is a picture frame with a photo of them in it. M says that the frame must have cost Taylor a year's allowance but Taylor says she used the money she got from selling the silver dollar. Zoë is very moved.

Dan gets up and says "Since we are so deep in the mush" he has something for Zoë too … "Call it fate" … and produces a little box [looks like a ring box]. Zoë is puzzled and with anticipation she opens the box and finds her family's silver dollar. It was Dan who outbid her! "You are Smooth Talker? You were raising the price on Bid Bay Buy?" "Yeah … how do you …?" "Dan …" "Oh … some idiot was raising the price!" "Hello … the Idiot!" "Zoë!" Dan hugs and kisses Zoë; she is overwhelmed! "Wait … M … isn't this the part where you stand up and talk about my raise?" "Keep dreaming sister!" says M as Maggie touches her arm. "Peek-a-boo Dry Cleaners on 5th!" says Maggie to M! "You're kidding me … my skirt!" Dan leans over to Maggie … "About that marriage thing … within a year … you were kidding right?" "You tell me!" says Maggie flipping Zoë's silver dollar … she looks at it and smiles! Dan looks at Zoë and smiles – she looks back at him and looks totally enamoured!