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Wild Card

Season 2 Episode 7

Slam Dunk Funk

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 22, 2004 on Lifetime
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Episode Summary

Slam Dunk Funk
A professional basketball player wakes up from a hangover and sees a dead woman's body on his bed. Fearing his freedom, he flees while a sports reporter records his every move. His agent hires Zoe, Dan, and M. to find the basketball player and clear him of all charges. A competitive rival, a jealous wife, crazy fans, and the athlete himself round out the suspects in the murder.moreless

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    Joely Fisher

    Joely Fisher

    Zoe Busiek

    Loretta Devine

    Loretta Devine

    M. (Matilda) Pearl McGuire (Season 2)

    Rae Dawn Chong

    Rae Dawn Chong

    Sophia Mason (Season 1)

    Bronson Picket

    Bronson Picket

    Marcos Morales (Season 1)

    Chris Potter

    Chris Potter

    Dan Lennox

    Aislinn Paul

    Aislinn Paul

    Hannah Woodall

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      • In the Locker Room Zoe encounters a naked player as she is bending down on the floor getting a roll of tape!
        Zoe: I'm sorry … I was just picking up this err … penis … err tape! The player laughs! Of course it is not a penis … it is tape … you can tell that its tape … and there you were … and … you can poke an eye out with that!

      • Zoe: Hey Dan … that was totally bucket!
        Bucket? says Dan in total disbelief!
        Zoe: I'll explain it to you later!

      • Zoe: Dan … cross country, women's lacrosse, rowing … a Bachelor's degree from Michigan Tech … why would you assume that Tina was a mindless groupie?
        Dan: Did you see that outfit she was wearing that night?
        Zoe: What if I told you I had that same outfit?
        Imagining it Dan says: Do you?

      • Zoe: M tells me that our … Sammy … has a little bit of a crush on you!
        Dan: Oh …! grimacing … Not interested! … I have done my time with those kinds of women!
        Zoe: Kind? What kind of a woman is that?
        Dan Intense … career driven … sizes a guy up in the first minute … jump in the sack too quickly and before the afterglow dims has already found tons of faults … and I mean tons of faults … and then it is … Hey I'll give you a call sometime … yeah … right … and when I am away out the door she is already complaining to her friend on her cell phone that those type of quality men aren't around any more!
        Zoe: Alright … intense, career driven … are you trying to say that I'm …?
        Dan: No Zoë … you are not even close! Trust me … your kids are infinitely more important to you than any assignment M would ever give you. And your highly entertaining neurosis and adorable insecurities prevent you from jumping anybody's bones prematurely!
        Zoe: You know that is an awful lot of information from a guy who doesn't even know the date of my birth!
        Leaning on the car, Dan looks straight at Zoë and says:
        You wanna know what I do know about you?
        Zoe: What? What do you know about me?"
        With a very passionate look in his eyes Dan says:
        You sneeze in threes. You have … extremely delicate hands. You do this funny … hip swinging thing when you sink a free throw imitating the movement! … and … looking as if he loves her very much! … you have got a smile that … sighing … Kings used to go to war for and level cities …!
        Zoë is totally overwhelmed: … I am sure there is an appropriately witty retort to defuse this … touch on the verge of romantic moment … but I am so flattered right now … I don't know what it is!
        Dan shrugs: … Rain check?
        Definitely! says Zoë sighing and licking her lips!!!

      • Sammy: Did anyone ever come into your life and you couldn't quite figure out if it was a good thing or a bad thing?

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