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Wild Fish Wild Places

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Fish and fishing. Two words having a myriad of meanings to a myriad of peoples. To fish for food, for life, for survival; or to fish for fun, for sport, for money. In this series we will seek out great predatory fish. Fish that are much revered, fish that strike terror at the very mention of their name, fish that are the staple diet of many peoples subsisting along the shorelines and riverbanks of the great waters we will visit during our odyssey. Positioned at the very top of the food chain, these apex predators reign supreme in their own domain, be it mighty river, great lake or ocean. Our quest will take us across cultures and continents to exotic locations of immense beauty and wealth as well as lands poleaxed by poverty. Our travels in search of extraordinary predators will take us from the cold, unforgiving waters of the West of Ireland to the steaming jungle swamps of India. From the frozen, pristine wilderness of the Canadian subarctic to the sun-baked back-waters of Northern Australia. This will be a series of contrasts and comparisons where we will meet people who live to fish and people who fish to live.moreless

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