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Wild Grinders

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Wild Grinders is all about a bold and hustling young skater, LIL� ROB and his insane, thrill-seeking skate crew. The Wild Grinders are a crew of 12-year-old underprivileged kids from SPRAWL CITY MIDDLE SCHOOL. They come from all walks of life, super-tight and super-wild, bonded by their love of skateboarding.

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AIRED ON 2/14/2015

Season 2 : Episode 52

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  • This show sucks.

    My body just hates it. Mainly because of the animation.
  • Better then STUPID CATDOG

    Wild Grinders is actually a pretty decent show. WAY better than CatDog and The Might B. rating should get higher; it's very hilarious. Disagree with me, then YOUR THE REASON WHY NICKTOONS SUCKS THESE DAY!

    Now if only this show can go up to season 3 before The Mighty B gets out of it's reairing hiatus.

    Also the guy called Frisby 2007 is filling your head with lies. This is a classic & should get renewed for a third season. Don't listen to him.

    It's pretty sad that people perfer that dumb Shuriken School show over this classic.moreless
  • this show sucks

    i do not like this show it makes me very mad because this show ripped off

    rocket power,rocket power was way better i mean come on nobody in wild grinders can not come close to the awesomeness that is auto,reggie,twister and sam the squid,rocket power should have sued wild grinders for being a rip off.
  • Bad even by flash animation standards

    From the previews this show looked bad. Not only are the characters completely ugly in both design & looks, but they are also badly animated (again, even by flash animation standards). Oh, & it's a Rocket Power rip-off too.

    I am a fan of Rob Dyrdek (mostly); he's a cool dude with a wild sense of humor, great style, & I love sitting through his "Ridiculousness" show for utter fails, but to produce this was a bad move. He has enough money to have done better, but instead we got this.

    The show is about these "extreme" kids who do extreme skateboarding & some other at least that's what the show wants you to believe because frankly the only "extreme" guy here is Rob himself. If that doesn't scream "Rocket Power" then I don't know what does.

    Now, let's compare these two shows in quality:

    Rocket Power had splendid animation (like a good majority of the shows from the 90s), neat-looking characters, actual character development, stories, subtle messages, & at times very irritating moments from Otto. It's only flaw was how it dropped many subjects, important ones at that, like nothing & in later episodes they were never brought up again (like how Regi & Otto & their dad met this wonderful girl, & she had left but would return only to never be brought up ever again or how Squid would learn something new in skateboarding to not make himself such a klutz only to return to his failure ways the very next episode).

    Wild Grinders has ugly character designs, flat one-dimensional characters, really generic & bland art style, the most awkward & unnatural-looking animation style that instantly screams "flash animation", shameless self-inserts, & no original stories.

    Really, my biggest complaint other than it's obvious Rocket Power rip-off has to be the animation. I seriously haven't seen such ugly & unnaturally animated characters since Johnny Test & The Problem Solverz. It's far from being JUST as bad as those shows, but it's sadly almost on the same level when it comes to quality. The characters have such large eyes & they stick right out of their skulls, their movements are so unnatural that they look like marionettes being poorly handled by their master, cheap color choices, crass voice casting, & an obvious but failed attempt to have Rob himself placed in a cartoon (I mean c'mon, other than having the main character called Lil' Rob, the character has Rob's own dog making an appearance in there too). Not to mention that the characters have only 5 basic stock facial expressions (which makes the characters look even more terrible than they already do).

    The art style isn't any good either. It's lackluster at best. The characters have these cheap-looking Tech-Deck color palettes (and design too while I'm at it), & they're pasted into these poorly drawn backgrounds that don't even match the style of the characters only making them look weirder. And emilydembs, the art style isn't being nit-picky, only an absolute idiot that doesn't know squat about animation would say that (and don't bother telling me that I'm not right or don't know what I'm talking about because I've roughly spent 15 years of my life studying animation). The art style matters JUST AS MUCH as the animation in a cartoon.

    Then there's the other characters, who are all literally one-dimensional stereotypes with literal names. Really, take a guess at what kind of personality the character "Emo Cries" has. Each other character is what you expect just from looking at them.

    If that just wasn't it the show also manages to break the laws of physics too. They do regular ollies, grinds, etc, but they stop in midair to do another 2-3 flips. It's funny if the cartoon is meant to be ridiculous like Ed Edd n Eddy, but since this cartoon is trying to be "hip" & "modern" as well as "cool" it just doesn't work that way. You can't just create some cool board moves & then ruin them with awkward maneuvers that are impossible. And as far as "cool" goes, this show doesn't know the meaning of it. Being emo isn't cool, it's pathetic. Social-depriving isn't cool at all & it needs therapy. And belching & fart jokes aren't cool either. They are funny when done right, but this show wants kids to think it's perfectly fine to do that towards others.

    The rest of the show is bad, but it's cringe-worthy animation is the most obvious of the show's problems. There is absolutely no sign of love or care for animation in this. It's as if the people were paid & they thought "Meh, let's just grab the cheapest thing to animate this & do it. People won't

    Don't waste your time with this, just don't. One would have to have the most atrocious taste in animated shows (or animation in general) and be an absolute idiot to positively review &/or defend this. *Reads minimew2020's review* I rest my case.moreless
  • One of the bad art styles. >_<

    The reason why people never describe the characters. The art is hideous and disturbing, looks like a one of the stereotypes, I mean look at the flash animation. Writers don't seem to focus on writing. A low budget, Flash animation! Genius like Egoraptor has beautiful, high budget, hand drawn animation! Sadly, never show it on . at all. Most of the people can't describe this show, not even me because I don't even see one great rant of it.moreless

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