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  • Season 1
    • Magical Forest
      Magical Forest
      Episode 3
      Kangaroos in trees and flying foxes - nowhere else are there animals as weird and wonderful as in the forests of Indonesia. The forests are home to the World's largest flower, Rafflesia, and Amorphophallus, which has an 11ft flower spike. Up in the canopy are the people who live in fragile homes perched precariously in the highest branches.moreless
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      In Indonesia's underwater wonderland, flamboyant reef fish, huge manta rays and shimmering schools of barracudas ride the strong currents that flow between the 17,000 islands that form stepping-stones between Asia and Australia. The coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea, home to huge variety of life including whale sharks and the bizarre mimic octopus. While off the island of Sulawesi, the Bajau people, known as sea gypsies, live on the water.moreless
    • Sulawesi Mystery
      Sulawesi Mystery
      Episode 1
      This is a bizarre island, where many animals are unique. Even today biologists cannot fully explain the origins of the anoa, the world's smallest buffalo, or the babirusa, the deer pig. It is a tale for which we have to go back millions of years.
    • Island Castaways
      Episode 1
      Indonesia was created by volcanic eruptions 150 million years ago. Today, there are 155 active volcanoes in Indonesia, and one erupts every day. Heavyweight Komodo dragons throw themselves at each other as they do battle for a mate. On Sulawesi, weird maleo birds incubate their huge eggs in hot volcanic sand and on Borneo proboscis monkeys leap across rivers, trying to avoid falling into the mouths of waiting crocodiles.moreless