Wild Kat

Network Ten (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Tail of the Tiger
      Tail of the Tiger
      Episode 13
      Dr R's true intentions are revealed: she wants to clone extinct species like the Dodo and and ancient lizard, by using the gene mutation that Kat and the tigers possess. Jamie and Jas capture Morgan and berate him with questions. With Alex's help, Morgan spills the beans. With time running out everyone tries to save Kat ant the Tigers. Morgan meanwhile shuts down the boat to buy time. Jamie and Kristen find the secret door to where the animals are, and by using the powers of the Were-Tiger, Kat and Garang escape to kill Dr R. But with the help of Kats mother, she stops herself and Garang from attacking. All the stolen animals are now part of the zoo, and Dr R gets to know what it feels to be behind bars. Though this is the last episode, Kat still has her powers. But she just doesn't transform as much.moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 12
      Kat learns that Dr R faked Garangs operation and she never died, via another flash. Kat goes to rescue her but gets captured herself.
    • Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
      Dr R's test on Garang push Kat too far. She starts trying to transform all the time. Dr R makes every one think that Garang is sick. Kat loses the psycic link to her when Dr R kills Garang during an operation.
    • Family Matters
      Family Matters
      Episode 10
      Another psycic flash, this time she thinks its from the cub and not from Garang. In it she sees many other stolen animals. Dr Raushark thinks that Jamie and Erika may have the same abilities as Kat but she and Morgan find negative results. They decide to try to experiment on Kats link so they get Jamie in the cheetah enclosure. when Kat finds out whos responsible, she gets really angry and trashes Dr Rausharks lab and threatens her that if she Ever puts her family in danger again she'll be sorry.moreless
    • When the Boat Comes In
      A boat entitled Millenium Ark is where Dr Raushark does a lot of her research now. But something is suspicious. With the help of her abilities and her friends, who now believe she can turn into a tiger, and her brother and Jasmin, she can smell the cub and many other animals on the boat.moreless
    • Blood Sisters
      Blood Sisters
      Episode 8
      Dr R does a blood test on Kat and Garang, finding that they both have the same rare gene that may allow Kat to have the link with Garang. Meanwhile Jas thinks that DrR is a vampire, but when they test this theory, they ruin all of her research. Meanwhile, Alex and Kristen investigate Morgan which costs Alex his job and Kat thinks that Dr R is also behind the stolen animals.moreless
    • Tigers Hunt Alone
      Kat sees in a vision that Morgan stole the cub, and later finds that he also took the cockatoo.
    • Age of Reason
      Age of Reason
      Episode 6
      Jamie turns 13 and his mother decides to throw a surprise party to compete with a gift that arrives from his party. Kat and Alex decide break into Morgan's office while he is at the party and look at the files on his computer but they need the help of a jealous Kristen.moreless
    • Hide and Seek
      Hide and Seek
      Episode 5
      Jamie asks his mother's friend, the reporter Marcus Flynn, to investigate the disappearance of the black cockatoo, but when he sees Wild Kat in action, he becomes interested in a different story.
    • Stealing Power
      Stealing Power
      Episode 4
      Wild Kat has a fit and a rare black cockatoo goes missing.
    • Animal Instinct
      Animal Instinct
      Episode 3
      Jasmin and Jamie try to cure Kat but get themselves into a dangerous spot until Wild Kat helps them.
    • Tiger's Eye
      Tiger's Eye
      Episode 2
      Jamie wakes up during the night, hears a growl, and sees a pair of animal eyes. He turns on the light and only his sister is there. Kat's room is trashed and her mother has her checked by a doctor but nothing is found. Jasmin thinks Kat might be a were-tiger, but skeptical Jamie isn't sure. They decide to put vegetarian Kat to the test by putting some raw meat in her room and see if she eats it.moreless
    • The Wild Ones
      The Wild Ones
      Episode 1
      Kat and her brother go to stay with their mother who they have not seen in years. At first they are not sure about living in a zoo particularly when the animals seem more important to their mother than they are. Then to make matters worse Kat starts to experience nightmares and other strange things.moreless
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