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Is it likely I will get to see Wild Kat episodes (or the season)?

Is it likely this show will be screened again?

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    As of this posting date, I have not managed to see this show at all!

    A couple of years ago, I caught the end of one episode, the one where Kat's brother is locked in a cage (this is done so Raushark can record Kat's transformation),Kat goes to deliver a warning to the mad scientist and she tears the lab apart as the message not to endanger her brother again.

    I did extensive searching on the internet to no avail. No video samples, no dvd releases, not even a website!

    And in all the time I watched the tv guide for repeat episodes, they never occurred. Combined with the fact that television programming here is lacking in quality shows, I don't really expect to see this show return. Oddly enough, I live in the country where Wild Kat was produced.

    A pity really, I would really like to see this show.

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