Wild Kat

Network Ten (ended 2001)


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  • Setting the series in a real live Zoo was a masterstroke of Exec producer Paul Barron. real tigers mix with the cast through very clever SVFX. The story is well written and the young Western Australian Cast do justice to the well constructed script.

    Set in one of the worlds leading Zoos South of Perth in Western Australia, Wildcat acheived extremely high production values. The story line involves all the right elements of drama and intrigue. The main character, played by Pia Prendival, is caught up in strange world of half girl half tiger. The evil Dr Rawshark wants to know how this strange penomenon works. Rawshark is determined to take advantage of the relationship between the girl and the tiger and goes to terrifying lengths to get what she wants. Kat's band of friends are suspicious of Rawshark and eventually come to Kats aid, will it be in time or will Rawshark get what she wants. Plenty of suspense, lots of intrigue and plenty of reason to come back next week for another installment of this beautifully crafted children's drama.